Buddy icons by InterruptorJones


Please don't put these up on your own web site or upload them anywhere. If you want to share them with others, please just link to this page.

If you have a special buddy icon request (H*R-related only), I might be bored enought to appease you. Please post your requests at the bottom of this page.

Lastly, if you like these, feel free to leave a friendly note. :)

And you just have to sit there and wonder, why on earth can't I get ye flask??
See Thy Dungeonman.

It's The Sneak, It's The Sneak.
From Ballad of The Sneak.

Everybody knows it's True!
From Puppet Thing.

Cheerleader! What's her face! So and so! The ugly one!
From TeenGirlSquad.

And so, The Cheat mashed play on an extremely expensive jambox...
From StrongBadEmail/flashback.

"Ohh, even I know what to do with this one.."
See StrongBadEmail/50 emails.

Tap, tap, tap, tap...
From [Loading...] on Secret Pages.

coach_z_walk_ltblue_anim.gif coach_z_walk_black_anim.gif coach_z_walk_orange_anim.gif coach_z_walk_pink_anim.gif coach_z_walk_redblue_anim.gif coach_z_walk_blackwhite_anim.gif
"Gimme a chance to do a hip-hop dance, gimme a chance to do a dance!"
(a.k.a. "The Coach Z Ecstasy Series")
From Powered by The Cheat.


really like the buddy icons. You should make one of Stinko Man in a super cool pose -thejeek

Your buddy icons are really cool!!!! I like thejeek's idea because stinko man is funny. Goodbye everyone! --Kitty4444, who has only posted here and is William S.'s sister

okay, um Mr.Jones. could you make one from SB Email Sibbie that has The Cheat with his keyboard and Strong Bad says, "Look who thinks he's Clever Dan" ---Clever "Big Fan" Dan

Could you make one of the dance Bubs does in "Lookin' At A Thing In A Bag" and one of the "Bowels Of Trogdor" from SBEmail 104? And, does "not uploading them anywhere" include not being able to use them for your name on a forum, etc.?

Could I use these on my page? I'll put your name next to them so people know it was you who found or made them. - Da Bee

Read the note under "DISCLAIMER'D!!!" at the top of the page. -- Tom

Oh! Sorry, I missed it. I didn't mean any offence - a very sorry bumble bee

Love the icons... I would love one of Homestar in his bathrobe, holding a cup of coffee, with cinnaman on his face... he is so cute. Thanks Homestar613

These things are great. uhm... mr. jones, sir, could you make one of TRODGOR, the burninator? maybe even throw in a flameing peasent? thx.

I don't have much time these days, but we'll see. -- InterruptorJones

Can I use these on my avatar? -Ingiald

As long as you don't link directly to these files (e.g. save them to your computer and upload them elsewhere). -- InterruptorJones

What program do you use to make your icons? I want to make some too. -A curious Ace101

I use [Jasc's PaintShop Pro]. I used to use Macromedia's Fireworks to do the animation, but I have to find a new program now since I no longer have free access to Fireworks. -- InterruptorJones