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Name: (Censored)
Alias: Gamingboy
Age: Mid-Teens
Location: (Censored)
Day arrived on Wiki: February 13th, signed up on February 14th.
Interests: Video Games, Computers, Books, Puppy Dogs (hey, everyone's gotta have a soft spot), TV and wasting time.
Life's goal: To see Nintendo return to the top of the video game industry (stupid Sonyfans and Xboxists)
Favorite Homestar Character: The Cheat
Favorite cartoon: Either The Cheat Theme Song or Everybody To The Limit
Favorite Strong Bad email: My favorite is StrongBadEmail/personal favorites.StrongBadEmail/video games, StrongBadEmail/dragon and StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon are runner ups.
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This is a bit techno.-Arro
I agree with your feelings about Nintendo! I mean, any company that can spawn nearly all the highest earning game titles (GTA, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario, etc...) deserves...nay it's their birthright to be on the top! VIVE LA NINTENDO! Thank you. -LordHomsar-
Ahh... GTA isn't nintendo. Neither is Final Fantasy. Or do you mean is that Nintendo caused the whole video game craze?-Gamingboy

What?? How can you say that Final Fantasy isn't Nintendo? Nintendo didn't make the games, but every FF game that matters was on the NES! How can you say that and still call yourself Gamingboy?? At any rate, you're right about GTA -- it belongs on the PC where it started, not any console. Pfah! -- InterruptorJones

Nintendo rules! I shall never forget ye Nintendo!

GTA...Not nintendo...i guess ya learn something new every day... LordHomsar

Nintendo rules. I have every major Nintendo console except SNES, and I love them all. I hope they can pull out of the slump they've been in. I need more Zelda! --Dark Grapefruit

Think that's something, stockpiled in my basement I have an original NES, a SNES, N64, Gamecube, original gameboy, gameboy colour, gameboy advance and I really have no reason to get an SP..since I already have 3 gameboys...(well the original is broken)... In total I have nearly 100 games... (too lazy to get an exact count, or a count/system)... Yup, that's the epitamy of Nintendo-ology, and by that I mean there's alot. LordHomsar

I'm a huge Nintendo fan as well. I used to have an NES and Game Boy, but sold them. I have a SNES, N64, Gamecube and Game Boy Color, and I'm probably getting a Gameboy Advance soon. It kills me to see Nintendo fall out of popularity, and I hope they become number one again someday as well. - CoochDog

If it is ok with you, I emailed the bros. chaps about the homestar kart thing. that was a wonderfull idea. i gave you all credit. i even mentioned this website. i just wanted to tell you that. - FireBird

A video game is a video game (except first-person shooters)
- Mysterious-Stranger

thats a gold star for the stranger! - FireBird

YAY! A golden star!
- Mysterious-Stranger

I agree with Gamingboy Nintendo is the best! Forget XBOX and sony systems. And InterruptorJones Your right Final Fantasy is Nintendo written all over it.-LimoZeener

How dare you losers insult the Xbox.- Jack Selby


This whole discussion is just a sad waste of bandwith. -CE5

Ok, I have practically every Nintendo system ever made that was released in North America. I have: NES, SNES, Virtual Boy, N64, GCN, Original GB, GB pocket, GBC, GBA, and GBA SP. -Kupo

Yo Kupo here is my main man. You are a true Nintendo fan.-LimoZeener

You have Virtual Boy? Wow that's geeky. In a good way of course. --DG

You know what I have to say to you Nintendo, BUSH! The Double Duce!--bkmlb

If that was good thank you for liking Nintendo so much, if that was bad your opinion not mine.-LimoZeener

So what LimoZeener, I think it was bad, 'cause apparently the Double Duce means to flip someone or something off with both fingers.-Homsar Runner