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Sat, 24 Jul 2004 15:18:01 . . . . Ingiald

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Which H*R character do you look like (if any at all)? I look like Strong Bad (See Strongrad/Homestaralikes) and So and So. -PrincessofStrongBadia

I have a feeling none of us look like any Homestar Runner charcaters. - FireBird

I didn't mean literally! Like, no one here has a blue head or a green body. Just in essence. Look carefully and see if you see yourself in any of them!!!

I look like The Ugly One...that's sad.
But without the psoriasis. --The Ugly Fruit

uhh...I kinda look like Henry Rollins...except not as cool or buff...and with no tattoos...

Is that an H*R character?

He guess starred in TGS #5. So I guess it doesn't count.
I'm stupid. ~ AgentSeethroo

Don't worry DG. I look even more like the ugly one. I have curly hair and psoriasis. I have glasses, but not cat eye shaped. and i like to wear dresses. - i hate eczema. it just will never go away.

I'm like Strong Bad, I love getting into fights.- SBZ22

I'm sorta easy going, like Homestar (though I like think think my IQ is higher). I think I'm also sorta like PomPom, minus all the girlfriends. ;-) -JamesGecko

I look and act like SB and Homestar mixed, I'm real easy going, but all my friends say if I get mad, I can go berserk and really hurt somebody. DeLoreanz1

I look a lot like Homeschool Winner. Overbite,Not Bald, Skinny, Get straight A's, and the only sport I can really play is Soccer. Maybe a little Softball. I have a habit of capitilizing every word. - The Conductor

Me, I look like Homsar, in that he gets bigger towards his waist. : ) -Kupo

This is really sad: The Cheat. Yep, he's the one I look most like. I have dark yellow hair and it sticks up in the back the same way The Cheat's does. -CE5

I look... well... like... probably... nobody. Doh!
Fire Bart

I'm kind of like The Cheat. You know...innocent looking but helping larger people and...sucking up to them. I'm small too! I've got Strong Mad in me too, because I get well stressed out and beserk. -Da Bee

People comment on how I run just like homestar and walk like him too. But I sure don't look like him, except for my long legs I guess. - M.J

I think i kinda look like bubs. I do have a weight problem and one eye is bigger then the other but i can not dance bubs look alike contest winner

I look like some cross between Homeschool Winner and The Cheat. I have dark yellow hair, a pointed nose, hair that sticks up in the back like that, and overbite, long, gangly legs, and big feet. -Ingiald

If there were a character with a huge nose, I'd probably look like that one. --FortyFour

The Cheat has a huge nose. -Ingiald