Hello, world!
FIre Bart

Are you talking about Bart Simpson... on fire? - Fire Bird

Na, but I like The Simpsons. Really, I just messed up one of the Cheat Commando's names, Fire Bert.
Fire Bart

The Simpsons is the best thing ever. - FireBird

Do you play Simpsons Hit and Run?
Fire Bart

I almost beat it. The last level, man. - FireBird

I beat it about 6 months ago. Jack Selby

Any advice?
FIre Bart

I rented it, but I have The Simpsons Road Rage, I beat that. - FireBird

Darn. I'm on Marge's level. If you lose a level a lot in one play period, it lets you skip the level!
Fire Bart

Yah, I know, that rocks. The best level is Lisa's, though not the best character... - FireBird

But Lisa's car has the best control. I like the level in Homer's mission where you destroy Smithers' car with the Plow King.
When you need to go somewhere under a time limit, have your car next to the place already.
Fire Bart

I'm stuck on the last level, the Halloween one. I love it when Homer calls for a car and he says "Can you pick me up? My car is um...sleeping" or when Marge says "Sexy mommy needs a ride!" -Sexy Shopiom needs to not call himself sexy!

I never beat hit and run, that last level is so hard - im stuck on that one where you have to carry the nuclear waste all the way across the level sid_hoffman

Hey, What gives with the Agent Seethroo and those other guys?
Fire Bart

What do you mean "what's up" with us? I'm the original agent here. They simply followed suit.

Aree you see-throo? How? Fire Bart's Fire Got Put Out!


Enter the Cheatar! (Click on the door when it's finished to see Limozeen photos! Click on the photos for more photos and a video!)
Fire Bart

If anyone here doesn't like Homestar or Simpsons, go away!
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I gotta spruce this up a bit!

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