maintaind by duders307

put characters you made up here!!!!
you dont put a pic put a description!!!!!
cherry by duders307
blossom by duders307

duders, these need to be subpages. I fixed 'em. - the conductor
P.S. aren't these supposed to be made up Homestar characters?

no they can be any characters.-duders307

This makes no since to me. - FireBird

Okay, I think I get it, but is it really neccisary? -- FireBird
sort of i think people should post there characters because what if they want to post there characters? -duders307

im not gonna say anything for the rest of the week unless i forget-im silent and sad

You're not coming back for a week because nobody get's characters you made up? You shouldn't be sad! Try to make them more understandable -- I think pictures would be a great idea! I'm sure if we could understand what you are talking about, you're characters would be neat. -- FireBird

that's good i can't take it im in a good mood so i'll stop being stupid and be back on the wiki just because i feel like it and if you were wondering why it wasn't a subpage before it's because i do not no how to make a subpage.-im baaack!!