um h-hey im blood and um yay one word homestar is cool and the first sbemail i saw was the same one duders307 saw.(he told me how to make links by the way.)im rather nervous to say sonic the hedgohog man.

i just had to put the pic just had to heh..
ps: i'll get rid of the pic when someone tells me to.
pss:i got rid of the pic because SOMEBODY kept deleting it!!!
psss:please please please please dn't delete my page!!!!!


I translated what little of your page I could into English. Welcome to the Wiki! -Kupo

Kupo, you really shouldn't edit someone else's UserSpace like you just did. I fixed it. Please be careful. -- Tom

Sorry blood and Tom. :c

Hey, blood. You want fortunes, I believe I got 'em. CE1

Actually, it's P.S., then P.P.S., then P.P.P.S., and so on and so forth. -- FireBird

Thanks fire bird -blood