Dude, I did came up with this WikiChat thing. Please don't delete my post Sam. Oh well I said...

What do you think Strong Bad will do for the 100th email?

Post your replies here.


or somethin' like that.

Why is sb email 100 taking so long? I think its because his imagination broke at the end of "different town". Maybe the 100th email will be about what his imagination is like when it gets fixed.


HA! I'm guessing the Brothers chaps will keep us waiting. Like "TEEN GIRL SQUAD" was this week, a Marzipan Answering Machine will probably be next week. (EDIT: Holy crap, man. You were right...A Marzipan Answering Machine this week...creepy...a The Cheat-powered music video next week????) Then there will be a new Cheat music video. And then, THEN, there would be the 100th e-mail. Which will.......

1. Involve some stuff getting DELETED!
2. Strongbad getting a new computer (Maybe he'll finally get windows.....)
3. A easter egg showing Stinkoman answering his "TenXtyth?" holo e-mail.
4. Lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of Easter Eggs.
5. A song.
6. A new character?


HOLY CRAP!!! It looks like your theory is shaping up to be correct!... Wait a minute. How did you know this?! Are you... THE BROTHERS CHAPS?!?

No, I just no how the internet works.

I think Strong Bad will be like, "In honour of this, my hundereth email, I am going to answer a hundred of your emails." And then Strong Sad or somebody will come in a be like, "Umm strong bad, don't you remember what happened last time you did something like that?" and there will be a flashback to 50 emails. Other stuff will happen after this and we will see more flashbacks. - Heir_of_Lindeen
it's the end run for

Maybe he'll make a list of "100 Annoying Things About My Emailers" or something like that. I'm sure what ever he does I'll like it. :D
da princess

Maybe he'll adopt a new policy, like, be nice to Homestar for a few minutes, or buy all of Bubs' new products.....teach Homsar and The Cheat speech lessons......?- StrongBadZone22

hey you know... i was just thinking you know... they might just do something so that it looks like and ordinary StrongBadEmail but actually, theres gonna be like some sorrt of flash intro that pops us when he is about to reply and theres like lots of animated GIFS and stuff. yeah. oh oh ya and definately a party maybe... in strongbadia... which is decorated like the word "100"... ya I'll definately go with thatone ya.Comanche

They'll probably do a longer one, maybe with answering more than one email. And they have to end it with a Swiss Cake Roll bearing a "100" candle.
Maybe they won't release it for a long time, just to keep us in suspense. --Dark Grapefruit

EDIT: Maybe he will let all the other characters answer an email! I hope it's not just a clip show type thing. That might be fine for a TV show, but here we could just watch any of the episodes any time!
Maybe he will finally have to answer a "How do you type with boxing gloves on" email.

I think that it will end with the pop. tire finding a mate, and Homestar Runner will stand next to them, and it will look like 100!

Maybe we'll see some of those changes Strong Bad talked about in StrongBadEmail/2 years , like the sign and cinder block breaking up, stuff like that.

"I'm takin' a leak!" -- Gemini

Or maybe the changes in StrongBadEmail/different town.

I doubt that, it wouldn't be too funny to just repeat jokes. -Lord Karkon

Maybe it will be just a regular email. :( I sure hope not! -- Corinne

I bet it will be business as usual, then right at the end will be a big dazzling fireworks display.
Lots of easter eggs too.

I hope he might dedicate the entire email to the Poopsmith, seeing how the poopsmith is my favorite character.


I think he will remenisce on some of the best ones in the past like StrongBadEmail/dragon, StrongBadEmail/personal favorites, StrongBadEmail/funny, and all the other good ones, then he will sing a song like in StrongBadEmail/caper and there will be a funky cake like the one he made for the poopsmith in StrongBadEmail/big white faceand there will be fireworks.
~Arrohed Aria

Maybe it'll start out like 50 emails. He'll be like: "In honor of this, my 100th email, I'm going to answer 100 of your emails! Ready, Go!" But then one of the emails will cause him to have to leave the computer, and then while he's gone something really weird happens. Maybe another character will do an email, like in StrongBadEmail/anything. Maybe he'll introduce a new character. Who knows? Homsar could even check the email! Imangine that! I'm sure that at the end, there'll be a swiss cake roll with the 100 candle. -CE5

How 'bout that Coach Z and Bubs would do as same as Homestar and Strong Bad will do as same as 50 emails. And after the paper comes out, he will do as same as 50 emails. 100 emails with The Strong Bad, The Homestar Runner and The Sneak in 1936.


Maybe there'll be a party somewhere, like in The Field or Strong Bad's house. Then after some random party-type stuff, everything will stop as Strong Bad goes to his computer and checks his e-mail for the 100th time... and it'll be one of those "How do you type with boxing gloves on your hands?" messages.

Or maybe Strong Bad will have The Cheat make him a special movie of him checking his e-mail (like the one in StrongBadEmail/mile) in honor of the occasion.

- CoochDog

100 Easter eggs! -Tim Harrod

I send strongbad an email saying "DELETE THIS EMAIL". Maybe it will make Strongbad get angry and won't delete it, but it temtates him into doing it.


~~Big Bad Bongo 2001

Maybe (I sure hope not), there won't be a 100th e-mail. Maybe it stops at 99. That would be sad, but it could happen <:( . -CE5

that wont happen, im sure
Or maybe it'll go straght to 101!

Maybe Strong Bad'll hack the website so the buttons on the bottom would be disabled, and when you click on 'toons or games or ect., the screen would melt off and there'd be a big purple-blue button (like on the button in the corner) complete with an animated Strong Bad doing the Double Deuce labled, in yellow letters, "SB E-Mail 100!!". Click it, and it'll take you to the 100th e-mail.

I guess we have to wait another week. It'd better be good... - Clever Dan

Me and my friend thought of this one, maybe they show "e-mail auditions" of all the characters doing emails. or the characters actually do get answer the e-mails. or SB will answer 100 e-mails. really, no distractions.

Maybe it will be like an Award Show and video remebering the Past Strong Bad E-Mails-- Poot Slap!

maybe there will be some of those fake emails like from personal favorites-duders307

Hmm...I was thinking more of like, LimoZeen visiting SB or, throw clip from the last 99 StrongBadEmails clips together to make 1 really cool email! He would have a different computer if he does past StrongBadEmail clips! It would be like....Tandy 386, Candy 400, Tompy 400, or something like...Compdy 486!!! I could totally make that picture. Total man! But then again, that could be bad. it would be one long freakin' email! Maybe he'll travel forward in time and vist 20X7, and come to Stinkoman's Birthday, and then go forward 99 more years and visit Stinkoman's grave (lol, that'd be funny) Or maybe he'll even meet Japanese Strong Sad!!! Or it could be backwards! 100 years in the past!!! Finnaly! Strong Bad, Mad, and Sad's Grandpa when he was young gets to be met! ^_^ -TheDoggy

Err... Stinkoman is the 20X6 version of Strong Bad Comanche
I said Sad, not Bad!

It better not suck, I tell you. The past like... 5 have royally sucked.- CrapFace

Hey! Monument didn't suck! But yes, video games and monument have been the only good ones for a while. -Fozzywozz

Well, I thought StrongBadEmail/different town was pretty good. - ((Mithent)

The bet was okay, but not the best. And video games gets boring to watch after you see it to many times. Like I have. ~ Pomx2

Here are the things that i would think he would do:

1. Bring Homeschool Winner back cause fans are just making a huge deal of him
2. Have 100 Eggs
3. Have a new song
4. Talk about the DVD
5. Have memories from the last 99 emails

Oh man! I'm glad someone brought up Homeschool! Yeah, I sent an email to TBC about him. They havn't replied yet. I sent them a wallpaper I made of him called "The Evolution of Homeschool Winner." It rocks man! I'm gonna have to get it on my site and make a link! Maybe they'll put him on #100!

man...with all these good suggestions, my email about his parents is kinda lame, isnt it?

Ultimate Ganon

Whoa, I think I sent him an e-mail about his parents too! Weird, man...whatever...
OK, whoever said that about StrongBadEmail/different town is smokin something illegal...(except for medicinal purposes). Different town was one of the best e-mails I've seen in a forthyear!

Here are some other suggestions that may happen.

6.Homsar gets booted off.
5.Get StinkoMan?? and Uncle Strong Bad to help him with his e-mail
4.ALOT of easter eggs!
3.Bring back everyone from the past e-mails(Yes even talking The Poopsmith!)
2.New Charcter!(Strong Glad and Strong Good?)
1.Biggest one of all......MARZIPAN BREAKS UP WITH HOMESTAR!!

Wow,that actually sounds pretty good.Better then the e-mail me and my friend sent.And my name is actually Christian,not Christopher,And his name is Francis.Not Frank.....

Dear Strong Bad!
What is up? I was just-a thinking something with my friend here!
If you hate everyone around you so much,why don't you put one of those
nano chips into them to make them beat up each other and stuff!

From:Christopher And Frank Sularo!



I'd just like to say that the brothers chaps are taunting us. they'll update everything on the site before they give us the 100th SB email.


V An e-mail, not a e-mail

Mabee they'll have each character from the show awnser a e-mail < No period

/\ Check your grammer!< grammar <Check your spelling /\ Awnser?
Diva840 <--- Not even a real account! ( F ) See me after class! get_a_jorb

I believe Puppet Time! explains a lot about why the e-mail is taking so long.... The cheat stole the computer!

All of the new toons sorta explain why he's taking so long. HE'S TOO FRIGGIN' BUSY!!! I mean, he has to go to the psyciatrist, write a new issue of TGS, teach prank call lessons, and get his computer back. -CE5

And he deserves a break for all the happiness he has brought us. :)
da princess

GET THIS! A kid in my class claims he's doing the 100th email for TBC! As if!

Oh, go soak your fat head. Do you honestly think anyone'll believe that? -CE5

Or maybe it'll go something like "Congratulations, you've reached your 100th Email! How will you celebrate?" "I'm going to Disney Land!!" LOL that'd be funny. -(Chris)?

Strong Bad at Disneyland!?!
There's a horrible sight!
He'd proboly say something like "What the crap is Micky Mouse for, man!"

Whatever its gonna be, I have a feeling it will be good. Maybe it'll start off with noone at the computer, like StrongBadEmail/anything and Strong Bad will walk in and say some random stuff about this being his 100th email, then what would be really funny is if he got sucked into the computer and had to do some adventure game. OR maybe there will be alot of flashbacks.

Hey, I'm new here, and Ive only been on H*R.com the week before sbemail 73-was it mascot? or privileges... anyways... for email 100... I expect strong bad to smash the phone, lock all doors, do anything to keep him from hearing or seeing anything, and homestar still shows up, makes another flagrant error, then its like the end of 50 emails, only there's a 3 weeks later, and homeschool winner is the one that fixed it and then theres an email very simalar to the one in the gimmicks email 33, then have a new computer after another week

And then he gets dared to go to Dreamland, but he doesn't believe in dares...

maybe they're waiting for a holiday on monday... or a monday in summer... i hope not. :(

umm... bye! ^_^
ps i hope its long.

Maybe he'll answer my e-mail about aliens! (posted below)

Dear Strong Bad,

Do you believe that there is life on other planets? Have you ever made contact with aliens?

___ from Marietta, GA
Or maybe TBC have visited this wiki, disguised as a nameless WikiGnome, or someone else of actual importance, and will base the 100th e-mail on something from the fanstuff. Wouldn't that be great?! It seems that everyone here is expecting a lots of easter eggs and/or a new character, so they, if the above scenario is true, have both. CE5

Or maybe mine:

Yo Strong Bad! What's your face like under your mask? Is it beautiful as the ladies imagine? Or is it ugly as Strong Sad's?

Crap to the maximum,
Gabe, Indiana

(hope he says: Well Gabe Indiana)

That mask IS his real face! Doy!
da princess

Prehaps he will select mine:

Dear He of the Double Deuce,
What kind of religion does Strongbadia have? What kind of holidays do you celebrate in it? Also, what things must you do in it?

Yours Deucily,

Holy crap. I was just at http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail100.html, and man are The Brothers Chaps funny. They have up a segment kind of like The System is Down error page, where Homestar Runner and Strong Bad come out to the usual error text. Pretty much just poking fun at people who try to view things early. But yeah... check it out. -- Tom
Oh I hope you can still access that when the 100th email comes out! If you find out how, tell me!
Mrs. Bad

TBC didn't put that on the "what's new" bubble. They just left it for the user to find. This is probably shows that they realize that people are getting impatient. -CE5

Which is absolutely histerical, because that's exactly what I've been doing for weeks, going to sbemail100.html!
It does mean they see the fans' whines, and mean to say "we're working on it". In a pretty funny way. ^_^

After watching this email I have developed a new hypothesis: Homestar Runner gets pants in the 100th email!

Wait a minute, Homestar already had pants! he was just about to put them on when the Thikkaman walked by in the e-mail (Monument)? -BenceJoful

Maybe a strong bad email special..... strong bad in a tux on stage, kinda like an awards show :-p

Yah! Mabee it'll be like the oscars where there is catagories like "The wierdest e-mail I've receved" and nomonies like:
little questions
And then someone like Bubs or Coach Z comes out and hands him a card with the winner on it! That would be really really cool. But then Homestar would come out and ruin the show.


Hey brain-for-brains, it's fhqwhgads, not fhqgugads. -- Gemini

I think Strong Bad would have a party at StrongBadia and as everyone walks in he will punch them in the gut. During the party there will be a concert of LimoZeen then after the party he will play some video games and the E-mail will end right there. One of the eastereggs will be like if you click on the video game he's playing you will get to play it.-LimoZeener

I also think that for the 100th e-mail Strong Bad's main page will show up.-LimoZeener

Well it's up now. And nobody was right.

Yeah, the email is called Flashback, I saw it seconds after it was uploaded. And I have to admit, it was VERY disappointing.

james purdy :
it starts out with the first email ;U know the 1 about the boxing gloves... and is in old type like on his old pc then he punches it and it goes back to normal and it asks about his first memory of homestar..
and any way it makes sense to talk about strongbad metting homestar but what was really weird was homestar's shirt had a duck on it?!?!?!?
i liked it it was in wide sceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! thats all iam going to say... i'll let you wacth it for your self..

The site is running extremely slow and/or not working for me. GRRRRRR!

That was one of the worst emails he's ever done, but 'Lackey' is still proboley the worst.- Jack Selby

You can't keep people waiting for 3 weeks, put a fake email, and make a peice of crap like that, I mean come on... it's the 100th email.- Jack Selby

Could someone who's seen it put it up on another site so we can view it since Homestar's site is acting all screwy? Pweeeze! ;)

Type in 'homestarrunner.com/sbemailahundred.html'- Jack Selby

I can't even load the main page, let alone any of the e-mails. They start downloading (like "Loading...") then it gives up. I'm even trying to download the swf directly using a download manager program and it keeps getting disconnected. Btw, I'm 56k, I can't download it all before it gives up.

I liked it. It was halarious! Especially the WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE SCREEEEEEEEEEEN!
-The Brothers E

Don't use 'swf', use 'html' , 'swf' takes way to long to load- Jack Selby

Or you could exit out of your internet connection, and log on again.- Jack Selby

You guys don't know what you're talking about. The server's busy plain and simple, I was asking if someone would put it on a non-busy server, but I guess that's too simple for you to understand.

Oh shut up. Get a better internet connection, or is that to hard for you?- Jack Selby

I didn't think it was crappy. Maybe not the best, but it was perfect for the hundredth email to go back to the origins of Homestar. And the part with Homestar living behind the black was hilarious. ^_^ --DG

---How many easter eggs did YOU find? I got six from the end, after he said email 100 times. ---

I'm just mad because it could have been better, considering it was the 100th email.- Jack Selby

  1. 50 was funny. Baleeted! Delteated! 'Flagrant System Error' Don't know what you did, but you really screwed it up!

  1. 99 was good too. Modestly hot my eye! Also, lol at the Clash of the Titan's con, and Strongbad wanting the bust of Bubo the owl.

Those where good, but #93 is the best.- Jack Selby

Noticed how he pointed out e-mail 51? Maybe they changed something there, I'd check but the site seems to have gone down.

What do you mean by "It's gone down"?- Jack Selby

He means it's gotten so cluttered with people trying to see the new email, that it's completely blocked, and no one can get to any files on it. Have no fear, I've got a copy of the hundredth email (not anymore). But please don't click if you don't need to. Angelfire are real Thnikkamans when it comes to hotlinking.

Ohhhh, because you see, It's worked fine on my connection- Jack Selby

I loved it. Another Fan

Hey, I think the hundredth is great. If you're disappointed, maybe it's one of those expectations things where you've been so anticipating it that the actual thing can't possibly live up to the anticipation. By the way, the Rainbow Bridge is this modern myth cooked up by pet-lovers -- when a pet dies, it crosses the Rainbow Bridge, I guess into pet heaven. That made me laugh. I only found five easter eggs at the end -- one for each word at the top of the screen, except none for the word "email." What was the sixth one you found? -- DungeonGirl

There are two areas to click where the fireworks are a-sploding on the screen.
-The Brothers E

I guess my expectations were a little bit to high, but I mean, he barley acknowledged it was his 100th, and we waited 3 weeks for it, and it wasn't very well done. Thats's why I hated the email.- Jack Selby

I heard it takes all lot of time and hard work to make even a decent cartoon let alone
one like this.

Yeah, but 3 weeks and a fake email?- Jack Selby

Is something supposed to happen when you click "Congratulations"?

There's a video from LimoZeen, but it takes a while to load. -El Zilcho

Also, you can click on the second book for... well, nothing big. -War129

Also, I'ma put a poll up on WikiPolls to see how many people liked it, and how many people hated it. Personally, It 'twas among my favorites, along with dragon, techno, different town... etc. -War129

YEAAAAH!!! I rule!! Notice my former entry where I predict it will end with fireworks?! I rock! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Big whoop, at least 4 people said there would be fireworks. That was obvious from the beginning. You're not alone moron.- Jack Selby

Knock off the attitude. And the personal attacks. -- Gemini

Sorry. It's just that, well i wated so long and the email wasn't as good as i expected. I think they could have done more to celebrate. But I think they should do the WIDESCREEEEEEEEN! in every email.- Jack Selby

I thought it was great! I'm gonna have that song from the beginning stuck in my head for days. - CoochDog

They made it better than 50 emails.

It had a cool intro, widescreen, expained origins of some stuff and messages of congragulations
and fireworks and email 100 times.I think that is enough to celebrate the 100th email.Another Fan

-Half of Homestarrunner.com is the originality. WIDESCREEEEEEEEN was a pleasent and funny suprise, but I would hate it if they did it continually. I think the Bros. picked a perfect way to celebrate The 100th Email. Cut them some slack! It was a long freakin' email, complete with Easter Eggs aglore. It may not have been their best, but they're only human, and we still have plenty of SBEmails to look forward to.
-The Brothers E

But regardless of what you said, it still sucked.

Hey, man, we're the ones who got all excited about the 100th email- the Chaps didn't promote that some best-ever piece of comedy was coming. I'm reminded of Bart Simpson's line, "They've given you hundreds of hours of entertainment for free- what could they possibly owe you?" AND, I liked 'Flashback.'

Who are you to talk any way?!?! Huh!!!!!! What have you do thats so "special"?!?!?!

You have no right to judge

Yours truly Another Fan

d47 has no right to judge, but it's okay for you to judge him?


I just thought what he said was mean.


"But regardless of what you said, it still sucked."

I can't beleive they didn't have the swiss cake roll

Maybe you'd like to add YOUR 100th Strongbad E-mail? I totally agree with The Brothers E's comments. Cut them some freakin' slack. It may not have been their best, but it was certainly worthy of Number 100 as far as I'm concerned.

I was right about LimoZeen visiting SB! Thats what i meant by them visiting him. I never would have guessed half of my email went in one of the easter eggs! StrongBadEmail/kind of cool was my email. Don't be fooled, i used my real name. BTW, has anyone tried [SWISHZONE]? The "WIDESCREEEEEEEEEN" is the same length as you can get from downloading SWISHmax. --TheDoggy

It's not really fair to knock this e-mail, you know. If this had been any other number e-mail, you can guarantee it would have ranked in public opinion as high as the likes of Anything and Stunt Double. But just because the entire e-mail wasn't about the fact that this was his 100th, people are disappointed. Oh, and the reference to the 51st e-mail was because SB made a point of honouring his 50th e-mail, so he couldn't have lost count before then. (Although it seems they forgot that he mentioned the fact that it was E-mail #91 at the start of Caffeine...) --Upsilon

I didn't really like 'anything' and the main reason I liked 'stunt double' was because a friend from my school wrote the e-mail, but I see your point and actully agree somewhat. It still wouldn't have been one of my favorites, but I wouldn't hate it as much.

I think that it was pretty good. I mean, it had a cool intro, a funny glitch, widescreen, a flashback, fireworks, and 8 easter eggs! Not to mention it was good and long. All these people who said it sucked are just being bad sports about the fact that their predictions weren't right. Besides, it would have not been funny if they repeated the same jokes. And as stated above, if it had been any other #'d e-mail you losers wouldn't have been complaining. Also, I'm wondering. What will the URL's be for all future Sbemails? -CE5

http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail###.html The only reason this one was different was because the orthodox URL was being used by the Not-100th E-mail. --Upsilon

Personally, the fact that this was the hundredth e-mail put aside, it wasnt very good for a regular e-mail. My mouth moved to a smile once or twice during the whole thing. I didn't not like it because my predictions were wrong, I didn't make any! And I wasnt over-hyped because it was the 100th one either. I get exited before every email, and the past 6 or 7 have been average and below average. I give Strong Bad a couple more e-mails to clean up. Hopefully the new toon will be good. -d47

I loved this e-mail(mostly cause i didnt realize it was 100 until the end), and my favorite parts were when homstar said "see ya after the flash back", and when he said "hello, how do you like my egg mister Srongbad."
-smooth crimnal

I found another reason to hate the e-mail, they didn't have Homsar!- Jack Selby

I think you all are overlooking one very cool addtion to this email.. It included Mr. Bland and Senor... this was clearly a tribute to the longevity of this amazingly awsome waiste of time... a fan.

It was good and long, had 8 easter eggs, and had a flashback. Not to mention the widescreen and fireworks. Selby, please tell me an example of what you might have expected for this email. And don't say "you made no predictions", because if you didn't, you wouldn't be complaining so bad. -CE5

For this E-mail, I would have expected more about the fact that it was the 100th Email. They did it for 50emails, so why not 100? You only get to do you're 100th Email once. Jack Selby

Strong Bad might not have adressed that this was his 100th email, but TBC sure did! I have stated all of my reasons supporting this elsewhere. I personaly beleive that this was better than 50 emails because it didn't get screwed up by Homestar. Also, "regardless of what you said, it still sucked" doesn't give any reason to hate it. That was just not right. -CE5