A band Strong Bad loves featured on StrongBadEmail/band names. They were also featured in StrongBadEmail/monster truck as scheduled to perform a free show after Awexome Cross '98, and in the Thanksgiving e-card. So far, Limozeen has released "Because it's MIDNITE" and "Nite Mamas".

Limozeen gave Strong Bad a special 100th email video message in an easter egg in StrongBadEmail/flashback. Limozeen consists of Larry, Gary, Perry, and Marry. Larry is the lead singer. Actually, they're played by the TBC (The Brothers Chaps) and their friends wearing outrageous 80's-style blonde wigs.

The Many Faces Of Limozeen: In StrongBadEmail/monster truck, their first appearance, they all were played by the same person. In the Thanksgiving e-card, Limozeen, for the first time, were played by four different people. And in StrongBadEmail/flashback, Limozeen is played by Matt Chapman and another guy (does anyone know who he is?). Matt Chapman is Larry and the drummer. (I don't know the drummer's name... help me out here guys.)

StrongBadEmail/haircut has an easter egg featuring limozeen, and their song(working title 'Box'.)

'It's tough bein' a box,
But I'm livin' it up, livin' it up,
Livin' it up, livin' it up,

Debut: StrongBadEmail/band names

Limozeen also appear with Pablo Phoenix easter egg in StrongBadEmail/flag day. The ticket says:
"Look Out Ladies Productions
An Evening with
Pablo Phoenix
w/ Special Guest
Civic Center
Fri 21 June 2002 7:35pm"

Gary appears in an easter egg in the short What We Did Last Week, rockin' the house with the Cheatar.