Troggie's old userspace

You've been a member for more than a month. POST SOMETHING!--bkmlb

Now, I'm not sure of this, and I would want Troggie or Trogdors Minion to confirm it, but I think that Troggie changed his name to Trogdors Minion. Just a hunch. I think I remember him/her copying everything there. -- Tom

Since I was the one who told him to move it, and he moved it immediately afterwards, I'd say I could confirm it fairly safely. But I could also have an extremely bad memory. I doubt it, though. Delete at your discretion. - The Hidden Guru

Your right Tom Troggie is Trogdors Minion

I AM TROGGIE!!!!!!!!!! *evil laugh*

- Trogdors Minion

P.S. Jweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb Guru did NOT tell me to move ANYTHING ANYWHERE!

P.P.S. You do NOT even know IF i am a "he". Pah hah. Insolent Fools.