^Yay! I didn't fail! -Kupo

Sorry Moogle I'll fix my english from now on. -Stevebad

OOOOOHHHHHH! Nathaniel is coooming!! He's YukeMage and I'm designing his UserSpace.

Listen, ill try and spell things right but capitalization? i dont know about that. Strongrad Do you want a position on the Strongrad/title. I also need you as an ally in the WikiWar

Geoff is weird, man. I still can't actually say it "jeff" I pronounce it "jee off". Cant help it. Hooray for spelling things the way they sound -Arrohed Aria

You're welcome? -Kupo

Im not jeff, so, sup jeffs. Jeff is cool, so is my name. Strongrad

Hi I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say here YukeMage

Such a lovely gathering of pies and pie people. - M.J

I like pie. -GIR

Hap-- Hap-- Happy Birthday! --JoeyDay

Happy Birthday, Kupo! - FireBird

Happy b-day, Kupo! I thought I'd be the only person up to combolate you, but happy birthday! -Shopiom

Man, I wish it was my birthday so I could party, too. Hey! - FireBird

Thank you for noticing. -Now 13!

happy birthday i think it past so here's a late happy birthday from meduders307 andblood

don't edit my page again -blood

I won't. -Kupo

Happy 13th, Person who just turned 13! Thanks for adding Kirbyfancobra's IP to WikiTroll. Someone who is almost thirteen and hopes he'll get many combolations

Can you help me make a Friends page like yours on my UserSpace? You can do it if you want. DeLoreanz1

Bye, Kupo! For all of you, I'll be on vacation in August. Right now I go to day camp. -Shopiom

Dear, Kupo, you are being drafted into an
clan of assassins called the Red Assassins. Click here
for more info. Sincerly, CE1

KuPo, what do you think of Tiger Woods 2004 (The Game)? DeLoreanz1

Never really played it, but I'm sure it's awexome. KP

It is friggin awesome. I play it all the time. [Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004] is a great game, and I am the best at church. Like when you're puttinfg, it gives you a caddy tip on where to aim: 2 FT RIGHT, 3 IN LONG, and if it says STRAIGHT IN, you don't adjust it at all. Well, SI's typically only happen from within 15 feet of the hole. Well, at St. Andrews, I got a hundred forty-five foot SI putt!! That's right, not a typo, but 145 feet!!
|-Holy Crap!

Yesterday (7/29/04) I was playing a created course with nothing but St. Andrews #3 (where I got the 145-foot putt) designed with the sole purpose of helping me get huge putts. Well, I got a 154 foot putt!! Not, straight in, but the adjustments were very minor. It was sweet. I also earned 4 trophy balls in one round: Eagle Extravaganza (4 or more eagles in a round), Birdie Buster (12 or more birdies in a round), Low Round (shoot under 60 in a round), and Long Putt Challenge (sink a fifty-five foot or longer putt). I also earned about 150,000 dollars in the SkillZone. The D-man