Feel free to post here if there's anything to post about. (Like asking for my shoe size or address or opinion of sourdough.)

Okay, you've got me curious... what IS your shoe size? And what about your favorite vegetable? -- DungeonGirl

I generally wear a size 12 1/2 or 13. My favorite vegetable would have to be broccoli, but I only eat it raw. I also like greens such as spinach. -Fishie

If the world was up to me, there would be nothing but lettuce, broccoli, and strawberry yogurt. -Arrohed Aria

I like franks.- SBZ22

Come to think of it, I'm also into water chestnuts. I'm not really sure what they are though. -Fishie

Uh... Commando, Squad #2, here (or FireBird). Do you want to join the (Agent 9 Homestarmy)?? I think you would be a good soldier. Just ask so in comments, and wait for the o.k. from AgentNine. Commando FireBird

Fishie Says: Which comments? The Homestarmy ones? Yeah-ok

So you play the piano eh? Do you do grades and exams or just play? Do you play by ear?
I think thats the best way to go. Gee, I'm asking alot of questions. - M.J

I've been playing nearly 14 years, so I know my way around sheet music pretty well, but my specialty is playing by ear. At school I do take a couple tests each year, but mostly I just play.
How about you? --Fishie

I have played the piano for a little over 12 years, I also specialise in playing by ear. Its the best.
I am currently doing grade 6 right now (Piano for Leisure) and my favourite song I am learning right now is "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven.
Sheet music is ok too, but I never really need it except for my exams as I can learn any song after just hearing it. If you go to Gemini's page, and go to comments, you can hear a song he made, that's the song I am currently learning myself. - M.J

Yeah. Playing by ear is definitely the way to go. Is that how you're learning "Moonlight Sonata"? Gemini's song is quite cool and I'm sure you'll have fun with it.
Here's the latest work I've Cranked out: http://geocities.com/fishiemcgee/
It's an mp3 so it's kinda big. Oh well

Whoa. That "Final Tech Tools Project" is something else, man. Amazing. -- Tom

Ok, who's this? How did you know that was my Final tech tools project? --A very confused Fishie

Uh, it's me, Tom. I downloaded and listened to the [file] at your website there. The title came up in my Media Player as "Final Tech Tools Project" so that's what I used when I referred to it. Yeah, so I thought it was really great. -- Tom

Hey, sorry about that. I was just confused for a second there. I renamed the file when I uploaded it but I guess the title stayed the same. I did actually write the tune for a class called "Tech Tools" but very few people would know that so I was a little freaked out when you called it that, thinking maybe you had been someone from the class or something. Sorry. Uh, thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I had fun writing it.


I haven't yet heard your song, but I'm getting there. I'm learning Moonight by sheet music because I'm doing it in my exam for an extra list. (As it is a grade 7 piece and I'm only doing grade 6.) It's great, Gemini's piece is very fun to play around with but I need to listen to it more. - M.J

Hey Mike! You must be really popular to have so much people talk to you.
Just here to say hi! - Homesar Wannabe

Hey there H-W, good to hear from you. I wouldn't say I'm popular. I've just been around for a while and never bothered to delete any of the conversations from this page. Welcome to the Wiki! (Guess it's been a couple weeks.) Have fun.

--Fishie McGee

WOW! You must be psycic! How did you know I was only here for a couple of weeks??? Homesar Wannabe P.S. Cool nickname you gave me...

A quick look at the users page was all it took, my friend. -Fishtopher