In case you were wondering, I put the pictures in. -TheCheatsCousin

You like Lord of the Rings too. And here I thought I was all alone. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Yeah, Homestar and Lotr are my life.

I've seen LOTR:ROTK four times in theaters. I'm going to see it one or two more times when it hits the dollar theaters. I own the extended edition DVDs of the first two, and plan to buy the extended edition of the last one when it comes out this November. It's great to see that the last one got 11 oscars! --JoeyDay

Yeah, I'm going to buy it as soon as possible. I saw ROTK three times.

LOTR is the greatest. I have Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers on DVD. ROTK is the best movie ever (See WikiChat/BestMovieEver?.)- SBZ22

Ok you admiit you have bad grammer so why do you not get my page - hehehomestar
(not to be rude)

Return of the king comes out May 25, not in november. - FireBird

Lord of the rings suck, so does Pirates of the Carribean. Want a real pirate movie? Captain Blood. - SephirothBadRel

I wish you were kidding..I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!!!!-PirateChki

Well, I see alot of people who would disagree. And I think Pirates would be the same. But your intitled to your own opinion. Thats fine with me. - FireBird

Alright Pirates was actually an okay movie, I don't know I liked it alot the first time I saw it but now I really do not like it. Just watch Captain Blood if you want to know what I am saying. As for Lord of the Rings, you could never get me to take back what I said about it. I think the <A TITLE="Click for more information about <A TITLE="Click for more information about <A TITLE="Click for more information about movies" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="|1||||movies|AA1VDw">movies</A>" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="|1||||movies|AA1VDw">movies</A>" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="|1||||movies|AA1VDw">movies</A> were horibbly acted, and put me to sleep 3 times and it was always still on when I woke up. Yes I have reseen it all the way through. The movies are bad, thats it. Period. -SephirothBadRel


Tisk, tisk. Whatever you say... - FireBird

I'm obsessed with Lord Of The Rings too! Queen Of Town

That's great! More and more Lord of The Rings fans! Make sure to put comments at the bottom of pages, not in the middle of a conversation. - FireBird

(About Guitar link that used to be at bottom of thy page) and are also great. And yeah, I do play guitar, mostly Punk-Rock, and bass guitar.-SephirothBadRel

Here's another one for ya- it stands for "online guitar archive" and it has TONS of tablatures and whatnot. So how long have you been playing? ~ AgentSeethroo

About two to two and a half years. - FireBird

Sweetness. I've been playing for around ten years. Keep it up, dude.
What kinda stuff do you usually play? I play pretty much everything.
I've been playing Dave Matthews and John Mayer stuff lately, but usually I play my own music.

Well, I am learning classical right now. I want to get into accoustic (sp?), so I'm probably going to do that in a couple of years. I am really doing classical to kind of get used to notes and chords and stuff. - FireBird

Classic or classical? Mozart or Hendrix?
Either way, it's good stuff. What kind of guitar do you have?
I have a Kramer electric, an Ovation acoustic-electric, a NICE Dean acoustic-electric, and a piece o' crap Rogue bass. Oh yeah, I play bass too.

That cool. Even though I don't know what any of those are.
Since I am only a beginner (and not very good), I only have a small Lutous Amigos guitar. And, since I'm only 11, it is small. I take lessons with two other peoples. It's fun. I encourage everybody to play guitar! - The "Not Very Good Guitarist" Bird

Firebird, I think YOU has what it takes to join the Homestarmy. Even though you don't have a good commando name. I'll just put you as FIREBERT (still bad) if you don't mind. Since he's a commando. --AgentNine

Thats nice. - FireBird

So, Joe-Joe, when are you going to return my tire? -CE5

Very soon. Trust me.

I was the fisrt one to use your idea for tetx adventures! cr "Misspeller [sometimes]" ap

You're welcome. - FireBird

FireBird, when you delete a page anywhere on the Wiki (e.g. Zip Codes), you need to make sure that every link to that page is deleted. -- InterruptorJones

Oh, ok. I'll do that now. - FireBird

FireBird, I might be the only one, but your story is pretty good. Did you make that all up?
- The Conductor

Well, thank you for the compliment. I think you are probably the only one reading it.
But, sadly, no. I didn't make it up. It's taken completely off of The Lord of The Rings. I had no part of making the story line up. I am a Lord of The Rings obsesion, so I know basicly all there is to know. So, I remembered most of the book and movie and put them into a story. I wish I had that kind of genius mind to make it up, but it all comes from J.R.R. Tolkein and Peter Jackson. I strongly suggest reading the books, the seeing the movies. - FireBird

FireBird, is there a reason you registered so many names on the new forum? If you've settled on the name you'd like to use, can I delete the other ones? I've allowed username changes on the forum so you can change your username if you decide you'd like to use something different. Go to the profile area to change your name. --JoeyDay

Yes, there is. My e-mail I realized dosn't work, and when I tried to put my password in, it wouldn't work, either, so I couldn't get my password from e-mail. So I put in a new name, and I put in my sister's email address. Of course, it was her old one, so I had to do it again. I finally just kind of gave up. So please do delete all of them. (Even the normal FireBird) - Fire "I hate e-mail" Bird

Hey! I'm named after Fire Bert! Hmm...
Fire Bart

Hmm... - FireBird

On [Super Smash Bros. Melee], [Falco] has an attack called Firebird - Trogdors Minion who plays video games waaaay more than you do

Thats nice. FireBird, who doesn't really care if you play waaaay more video games more than he does

FireBird, can you help me? I'm trying to make a !Friends page as part of my UserSpace, but I can't get it to work right. Can you help? DeLoreanz1

What kind of problem are you having? -one who has a Friends page

Well, make sure it's a subpage first (check out WikiGettingStarted for Subpage Guide), but if it is and there is still the problem, I'll need to know what's happening. (By the way, thanks for coming to me for the problem. I appreciate it :) ) -- FireBird

I just noticed it's FireBert Ser-G-Gant Marshie

I know. I like FireBird better. -- FireBird

Well, Personally your transcript was a favorite of mine as I have seen every toon-Homestarball Z

Thank-you! I greatly appreciate that. It means a whole lot to me. I feel all special inside now. :) -- FireBird

I think Myst III:Exile is okay, but I really like Real Myst, because in that you can walk anywhere, not just in set places. Check it out if you can! I think you will really like it FireBird!-Homsar Runner

Though I've necer played Myst or Riven, I hear Riven is kind of stupid because radomly it asks for the different CD (1 out of 5), and Myst sounds like the best, but my two friends whom I only play the game with say Exile is the best. It think.
I had no idea anyone knew what Myst was until now. What do you feel about Saverdo's sons? I think they are kind of creepy. -- FireBird

Ooh, Myst! I've only played Myst III: Exile, so I have know idea what the guy is talking about his sons. Can someone fill me in? I have beaten it. That psycho guy (the one who steals a book, I think.) is weird, too. - The Conductor

Me and my friends are in Edana right now, just to tell you.
Wait, wait, wait. I meant Artrus's sons. Not Saverdo's. I think that Saverdo is the crazy guy. I think. I lost my train of thought at Church Camp. Anyways, Artrus's sons went all evil-like the dude trapped them in a book, but I think they have escaped, because it has a painting of them in Edana. -- FireBird

Fire Falco spelt "calendar" wrong. Sorry, just had to point that out. -Somebody who wants to throw full wine bottles at his computer screen because people are illegible...sometimes........ Okay, I don't know why I said that........

I'm not quite sure either. -- FireBird

Hi FireBird, I've seen your comments on many a page so I thought I'd drop you a line, though I really don't have much to say... so uh, I guess I'll go. I think I left a... food.. in the oven. - A young and crazy M.J

What kind of food? I hope it's a grilled cheese sandwhich. -- FireBird

My Favorite Pc game is the same as yours. Its a great game. Have you beaten it Coriell

Me and my friends just beat it a couple of days ago. I can't wait to play Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. -- FireBird

You don't know how to spell necessary! -Shopi "It's 'necissary' to know how to spell" om

Okay. Thanks for pointing that out. -- FireBird