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(in other words, the tpfpwwttas)

Just wondering: Why oh why the 41 edits in about 3 days? -War129

I don't know, War129. It's Just fun to fool around. Also, that's how long I've had a username. But frankly, I wanted someone else to put something on my webpage, and it worked.--bkmlb


Hi Everyone, how good is the April Fools thing with Stinkoman? I love it. But I found it to be very similar to stickdeath. Has anyone been to It's a pretty funny site. But not as good as Homestar Runner. - M.J

No, but I'll check it out.--bkmlb

Oh man, that was SO stupid. There's some things that are stupid and some thing that are beyond stupid! And that my friend, was beyond stupid!!--bkmlb

How well do you share?

Yeah, some things on that stickdeath site are kinda, well, they go too far sometimes. But there is a couple of cartoons that are good. But I don't bother going there anymore. Did you notice any similatiry between that and the H*R thing? I rekon its just a coincidence. M.J

No. I see no similarities to H*R at all. Why do you?--bkmlb

Just the whole sticklyman thing and the "hoohwah" thing he says. That's the only thing. It isn't meant to be a whole lot the same. It just reminded me of it and was wondering if anyone else thought the same. - M.J

I couldn't help but notice, NO ONE ON THIS SITE LIKES BASEBALL!! If there " is " anyone that does post your name here: i do! Alakazam9891

Well I do! see my page-Nelson339 ( that has been there awhile--bkmlb )

Hey, right back at you, mlb! -TheBigKnife
Oh, and [XiaoXiao No. 3] is the best choreographed stick fight, not to mention it's not ruined by gore. .

Your right. Stick Death is random fighting but this is orginized fighting.--bkmlb

Hey, I live in St. Louis. You said you love the St. Louis Cardinals right?--AgentNine

You do? That's cool. It's also a VERY strange quincidence.(I think that's how you spell it) Where in St. Louis do you live?--bkmlb

Ahem... Coincedence. That's how you spell it. But hey, i'm 1 year older than you, so i should know. Mark McGwire hit No. 62 on MY birthday! Ha! Haha! Hahaha! Alakazam9891

He hit #62 on my uncle's birthday! Lucky.--bkmlb

Actually I live in belleville, not far from St. Louis. Maybe half hour. --AgentNine

Cool. I don't live in St. Louis either. I live in Webster Groves.--bkmlb

Geuss what? I hate the Cubs too!...But I hate the Cardinals also. Go ASTROS!! -TzaMan

I don't care. Thanks for hating the Cubs. I hate the 'Stros, but not as much as the Cubs. Stupid Richard Hidalgo, Jeff Kent, Lance Berkman, Jeff Bagwell, and Criag Biggo. We swept you at home and you swept us at home. There's definetly a rivelry between the Cards and Astros, and it'll probly get fiercer(spelling?) over the next few years.--bkmlb

I don't hate the Astros, but i like the Cardinals more than them. But i'm an Indians fan. Alakazam9891 P.S. I do like Big Mac and Albert Puljos.

Ahem...."Pujols". But that's okay. It took me awhile to figure out the spelling to. Thanks for liking Albert and McGwire!--bkmlb

No prob. They're cool. Ok its "Pujols". Anyway, we had fantasy baseball drafts between my friends and me, and I took Albert instead of Barry in left! They thought i was nuts! But it turned out okay when he made a Grand Slam to win the game for my team(we had the computer play for us). Fun stuff, trust me.-Alakazam9891

I will. I don't like Barry Butthead I mean Bonds. Not because he broke McGwire's record, just they way he handles the press. He's mean.--bkmlb

I see you've used one of the emoticons.--Nelson339

Yeah. I didn't get it from you though.--bkmlb

I agree. I HATE Bonds, he's such a jerk ,and he's all everyone talks about. I can see him going to New York (either one) in a short time. If he goes to the Yanks, they'll have a 20 loss season. If he goes to the Mets, he'll stink, just like Piazza, Glavine, Vaughn, need I go on? alakazam9891, who is some guy with a big heart and zero tolerance

Yeah. I think Vaughn retired anyway. Oh, and don't for get Mike Cameron!! He's bad now too! And after the players are gone from the New York Pond Scums, they're good again! Just like Armondo Benitez!--bkmlb

Yeah, I asked if I needed to go on, even though I didn't. Last's night's game (Cards vs. Cubs) was hot. Poor Jim Edmonds getting beaned twice, at least he hit a homer!

Oh yeah... This was my team I used in the game in the simulation. I won with a Pujols grand slammer.

1. RF Ichiro
2. CF Ken Griffey Jr.
3. 1B Albert Pujols
4. SS A-Rod
5. 3B Jim THome
6. LF Manny Rameriaz(yep, that egomaniac that we all hate, who else to take?)
7. 2B Alfonso Soriano
8. C Victor Marteniz
9. P Curt Shilling

SS Nomar Garciapara
1B Richie Sexson
2B Roberto Alomar
Tom Glavine
Pedro Marteniz
Randy Johnson
C.C. Sabathia
Josh Beckett

I love playing against friends who have no clue about how to choose good players, not meaning Bonds, Sosa, Alou, ect, who aren't all that good!... I cant believe I found this saved all the way in my Notepad!!! alakazam9891

Don't you know you can get in serious trouble for have copywritten material (comics) on a website without permission? -- Anonymous

Really? Okay. But it's not like Bill Watterson's copywriter or someone is like that is going to be on this wiki. I might take it off..........--bkmlb, who is not a scam artist

Hello! It's Hagurumon...again. Man! I have very little to do now! I have to wait for, like 3 hours before my evaluator comes to see if I pass my schooling. I figure I might as well check out some other people's user spaces. Hey, how come you registered as two different names anyway? Just wondering. -Me...Again

I wanted to see how long it would take for someone notice. And, well, it took almost 2 months.--Lord Elsington Bkmlbdingdingdingworth

Well, it makes sense to me. I wonder if anyone else tried the "bkmlb trick". Whoa, you have a trick named after you now. You should be like...a legend. -Hagurumon

bkmlb, I just noticed something a bit odd. Just a few minutes ago, your DNS address ( edited this page under the username (Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth)?. Back on June 10th, the same DNS address edited (Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth)?'s user page under that username. However, everwhere else that DNS address comes up as your username. What's going on? -- Tom

Finally! I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice that. I've been mixing in "bkmlb editing Lord Elsington's page" and the other way around. So, I am him. He is me. Someone noticed, that we are me.--bkmlb Halstingdingdingdingworth

Yo Momma! j/k Cardinals are bound to come back down to earth, but they will probably still when the division. Watch out, Astros are only 3.5 out of the Wild Card, and that is a dangerous wild card team. --TzaMan

Accually, now the Astros are 6.0 games out of the Wild Card and 14.0 out of the central. And you say we're "bound" to come back down to earth. We'll see who's laughing in September.-- bkmlb, who is defenitly not coming back down to earth

Dear bkmlb aka Lord Elsington Halstingdingdingdingworth,
You can only have one username. I suggest you delete Lord Elsington Halstingdingdingdingworth,
and keep bkmlb.

User name deleted--bkmlb

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






comment about my birthday!

      ;;;;;@;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;' .............
              `;;;;;;;;;;;;'   ...;;...............;.....
                 `;;;;;;'        ...;;..................
                    ;;              ..;...............
                    `                  ............
                   `                      ......
                  `                         ..
                 `                           '
                `                           '
               `                           '
              `                           `
              `                           `,
HEY BKMLB!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Here's a nice cake for you.
                0   0
                |   |
         0  |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|   0
         |  |           |   |
  0   |       H a p p y       |   0
  |   |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/|   |
|                                   |
|         B i r t h d a y! ! !      |
| ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ |
From M.J P.S I didn't make that pic, I'm not too good at ascii art.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, happy birthday to you,happy birthday bkmlb, happy birthday to you
                0   0
                |   |
         0  |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|   0
         |  |           |   |
  0   |       H a p p y       |   0
  |   |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/|   |
|                                   |
|         B i r t h d a y! ! !      |
| ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ |

two cakes? lucky you


Harpy Borthday! [Here] is another cake! -Kupo

That was delicous!--bkmlb