Yeah, I am TZA. I suck at computers, so there is nothing cool on my userthingy. no pics or nothin! It took me forever to even figure out how to become a member here.

Wow, now im 146. I started at 144, then i was 145 for a little while, now im 146. Apparently there were people in front of me whe i didnt notice?

Do you like football?=P J/K- SBZ22 No, I hate it! Worst Sport in the world. --TzaMan

I think so too. Hockey rules!--TubularLuggage Yeah, Tampa Bay is cool! --TzaMan

I like judo it's kind of like wrestling.-LimoZeener

I don't remember asking you that question. I really being serious.- SBZ22 What? --TzaMan

I mean that I don't remember typing that question.- SBZ22

Well, you did, cuz i had written something about football earlier. --TzaMan

Oh, my bad. I remember now, Everything is okay now.- SBZ22

No, we can not swear on this wiki. I don't really appreciate * in place of the letters, either. - FireBird

I am just fine with no swearing, but i want to know if it is a rule, or just something you are saying. --TzaMan

There really aren't any rules (at least written), but considering the average age of our users is about 12, I would say no swearing. (Plus if I see it I will just delete it). So, if you don't mind, save me the trouble and don't. -Stu

p.s. thanks for the consideration though, it is appreciated.

No, thank you Stu. I wont swear or anything on here. Also, thank you for being so curtious. --TzaMan

Ha ha TzaMan! Your Astros are 10.5 games out of first place behind the Reds (8.5) , the Brewers (8.5) , the Cubs (8) , and The first place CARDINALS! Hmmm, what's better, one game over .500 or 22 games over .500?--bkmlb