Keeping them for whatever reason....

Why do you hate WikiFanStuff? -- JestersOfTheMoon

I don't hate it, I didn't mean to get on you in particular. I'm actually wanting to get most of that stuff moved to individual userspace as soon as I get time to start campaigning. If you want to put your character stuff there, it's fine. I was irritable. I apologize.
-The Brothers E

Brothers E, you should not delete pages just because you feel like it. If you delete a character page, please reject it and change all pages that have a link to that page on them. Don't just delete them and leave them for other people to put in rejects. -CE5

Thank you very much for reminding me again, CE5. I will attempt to put forth more effort,
-Brodah E

So The Brothers E, how is it like to have me back? And what was all that about Peggy going over the cliff?
- Mysterious-Stranger

Just trying to get into the drama of it all. I knew you'd come back once Professer Jokh went insane with power. You had to restore some order to the world, didn't you?
-The Super Brothers
The Wiki shines brighter with your returned presence.

Mysterious Stranger, its not your fault that the UN wants to kill me. It's also not your fault that the Sears tower exploded. I was the one that pushed Hu Flung Doong out of the plane. You are innocent. -CE5

What the crap are you talking about? - M.J

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Language! M.J, see what we were talking about here
- Mysterious-Stranger

The Brothers E, I noticed this morning that you deleted the "Transcribed by" lines of some of the StrongBadEmails, leaving a comment of "You aren't supposed to sign your transcriptions, just tell us on your userspace." First off, we have always signed the transcripts. We had a tiny discussion about this back in February (Fishie McGee, InterruptorJones, and myself, along with some others) and everyone decided that it was best to leave them because such a large amount of effort went into creating them. IF you look back at the history of some of the pages you changed, you can see that when the user "" started adding his by-line, Stu and I started freaking out, but then realized that that user did in fact create those transcripts and deserved the credit for them. In an effort to solve the problem of people not understanding his by-line, I created a temporary userpage for the user and linked all of his transcripts to it. The user must not have liked that, because he changed all of the links I made back. Then a short while later, you deleted all of his by-lines. So yeah, I'm going to put them back. I just wanted to leave you this note so that you would know why I did. -- Tom

Tom, I am terribly sorry for the mistake. I thought there had been a discussion and decision at one point that people should not sign their names to their transcripts. I thought the idea was to leave the transcripts alone and take credit on your Userspace. I sincerely apologize and will not make this mistake again.
Hoping I haven't offended anyone,
The Brothers E

Yeah, don't worry about it. What we really need to do is shoot this guy an e-mail so that we are all on the same page. I think I'll do that right now. Keep up the good work, by the way. -- Tom

The Brothers E!! I hope I can get your attention right away. You are fixing the aliases incorrectly. You can't just delete the pages that have the aliases on them. You need to go through to every page that has that alias on it and fix the link by changing ((Mrs. Bad)) to ((PrincessOfStrongbadia|Mrs. Bad)). Look at what I did to see the correct way. Please, I don't want to have to do this more than once. -- Tom

Once again, terribly sorry. I will correct my behavior.
-The Brothers E

Just so I'm getting this straight...
You think the guy holding the microphone in this picture (who we know is Larry, since he was called that)...
Is the same person as this guy?

I think the cheatar guy looks much more like this guy (who we know is Gary from the signature)...
What do you think? -- Tom

Ooh. You may be right. I assumed the main guy who sang was just Larry and didn't question. They sound the same. On the other hand, aren't they all played by Matt Chaps anyway?

I'm impressed with you debate and picture savvy skills.

Yeah, it is hard to tell with them being portrayed by the same person. I'm just going by the wigs that Matt wears. So Gary it is then. -- Tom


Were you rather upset at me? I found my page about Coach Z's drawing in the NoRevisions section, and you're like, "Here ya go, Doctor Emmett Brown" and you seemed either sarcastic or upset. I apologize if I upset you...please respond.

You don't know who Doctor Emmett Brown is? I would have thought The Brothers E was preaching to the choir on that one. -- Tom

Of course I do, ya know, Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown, mentor to Marty McFly, described as a real nutcase by principal Strickland....It's only like my favorite movie series (see WikiUserInfo and BestMovieEver to see my faves) I just didn't get the comment. Why was he like that? Why did he refer to it that way? I know who ELB is, the comment use is my question. DeLoreanz1

Okay, now I can't speak on The Brothers E behalf, but I'm pretty sure this is how it went:
  1. You added a comment to the StrongBadEmail/dragon/EasterEggs page, where comments do not belong.
  2. The Brothers E removed your comment from the page
  3. The Brothers E then created a Comments subpage of the StrongBadEmail/dragon page here.
  4. The Brothers E then moved your comment to the Comments page.
The Brothers E did all this for you, because it was your misplacing of a comment that this had to be done. So I'd assume that his "Here ya go, Doctor Emmet Brown" comment was in reference to the amount of work involved in doing what he did. And you already understand the significance of the use of that particular name, so I won't go there. -- Tom

Thank you, it was just that there wasn't a UserComments page. Please discontinue all commenting on this subject. Thank you. DeLoreanz1

And thank you, The Brothers E. Now dicontinuing commenting. DeLoreanz1

And of course, Tom is right. Sorry for confusions DeLoreanz1.
-The Brothers E

The Brothers Enterprise, I am leaving for real this time. I'm sorry, friend.
- Mysterious-Stranger