Narrator Strong Bad: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader (boy crazy!)! So-and-So (math crazy!)! What's Her Face (whatev!)! The Ugly One (actually crazy!)!

Cheerleader: Listen gals, if we want to look

All: So goo-

Cheerleader: We've got to go get some SUMMER FASHIONS!

So-and-So: I am SO there.

Cheerleader: We three can go to the mall. What's Her Face, you can go to a thrift
store. Or junkyard.

{The sun turns into a buzzsaw and kills some birds}

So-and-So: Before we shop, how about some PAN-ASIAN CUISINE?

The Ugly One: Three spring rolls, please.

The Man with the Huge Mouth: MSG'd!

The Ugly One: Ow! My stomach lining!

Cheerleader: We'll worry about that one later.


{A girl holds a sign that says "1 or 2 cent each item"}

What's Her Face: These clothes smell like grandmas.

Cheerleader: Ready gals? This outfit-so good or no good?

So and So and The Ugly One: So good!

The Ugly One: My stomach feels better!

Cheerleader (wearing an elephant head): I'm going for a whole new style!

So and So and The Ugly One: No good!

Cheerleader: Well, I think it's hella tight. And you guys need boyfriends.

So and So and The Ugly One: That's true.

What's Her Face: I'm walkin home from the thrift store.

Narrator Strong Bad: Poooosssssummmmms...!

Cheerleader: My card is totally maxorzed!

The Ugly One: True dat.

So and So: True that.

Cheerleader: Whats your problem?

What's Her Face (happily): I met a possum.

So and So: Good for you. Now let's attract some CUTE BOYS! Ready?

All: POSE!

What's Her Face: My blood hurts.

Narrator Strong Bad (singing): Teen Girl Squad! The-teenest-girls-between-the-ages-of-thirteen-and-nineteen!

The End