o Li'l Brat (w/ star)-roll over Teen Girl Squad button in toons menu until she comes up and also in TGS number 2
o Diva-TGS number 1
o Princess (w/ cat sticking out tongue)-TGS number 3
o Boys Please-TGS number 4
o Purty-TGS dween special

descriptions (besides the ones above)

o Cheer!-TGS number 1
o Growth Spurt!-TGS number 2
o Boy Crazy!-TGS number 3
o Cool Parents!-TGS number 4
o Two Piece!-TGS number 5
o Wants a Pony-TGS dween special
o Fashion Sense!-TGS number 1
o School Spirit!-TGS number 2
o Math Crazy!-TGS number 3
o Student Council!-TGS number 4
o One Piece!-TGS number 4
o Wants a Savings Bond-TGS dween special
o Unpopular!-TGS number 1
o Pity Friend!-TGS number 2
o Whatev!-TGS number 3
o Shop Lifting?-TGS number 4
o Same Clothes!-TGS number 5
o Wants a New Stepdad-TGS dween special
o Hygene?-TGS number 1
o Psoriasis!-TGS number 2
o Actually Crazy-TGS number 3
o Prepaid Lunch!-TGS number 4
o Three Piece?!!-TGS number 5
o Wants to be Cheerleader-TGS dween special

WORDS/LETTERS/NUMBERS IN TGS (besides regular words, dresses, descriptions, bubbles, etc.)

o VOiP!-when the robot burns Kristen/So and So
o ARROWED!!!-when the ugly one gets arrowed by the man with the huge mouth
o PUNT!-when what's her face gets kicked by the dinosaur
o so and so, the ugly one, and what's her face-on tombstones
o le girl-on fashion mag with pic of girl face
o no "i" in team-on "no i in team boy"'s tee
o BAT!-when thomas alien hits what's her face
o swoop!-when vulture picks up the ugly one
o grasped!-when bat picks up cheerleader
o CHILDREN!-on children truck w/ the man w/ the huge mouth as driver
o TCYBCBY-letters on yogurt um hut roof
o Go Yogurt!-also on yogurt hut
o 3 Spring Rolls-on pan-asian cusine place w/ the man w/ the huge mouth as chef
o MSG'D!!-when the ugly one gets hit w/ 3 spring rolls
o meanwhile, at the THRIFT STORE- in a big guy's mouth
o 2 or 1 cent each item-held by person at thrift store
o $500-on dress that so and so tries on
o $100-on elephant mask that cheerleader tries on
o possums-at bottom of screen when possums attack what's her face
o STORE BAG-on the ugly one's shopping bag
o SHOP!-on cheerleader's shopping bag
o subject-on the cover of one of so and so's books
o math types-replacing the word subject on the book
o poly-sei-replacing the words subject and math types
o weirded out-shown next to what's her face when she sees so and so talking to the invisible Brett Bretterson
o FiGHTiNG GROWLBACKS BOTTOMLESS SPiRiT PiT-sign for the pit that so and so falls into with brett
o beware!-little sign next to bottomless pit
o NO pounds-on big weight that falls on What's her face
o YOU'RE NOT potatoes-large sack of potatoes that fall on the ugly one
o Q-on quarterback's jersey
o Go!-in quarterback's locker
o CEREBELLUME'D!!-when the cheerleader got destroyed by the man w/ the huge mouth
o W.HERFACE-on what's her face's mailbox. Wow. She's in school, but lives alone.
o A BEACH-on that circle thing next to the stamp
o dear the one with baggy pants, WE'RE ON SPRiNG BREAK!! We tried to call you, but we forgot. We are having WAY too much fun and we'll try to bring you a shell or some sand. Signed, the other girls-the message on the postcard
o whats her face
412 S. Figgis
Mundelow 80808-the address on the address line on the postcard
o FLIP-when what's her face flips over the poscard to the picture side
o CHOMP!- when WHF's mailbox eats the postcard
o meanwhile, ON VACATION-sign right after WHF reads postcard. Seagull sitting on sign.
o college drinks-on the college idiots' cooler
o Perch!-when the bird lands on the ugly one w/ her head in the sand
o PUNT!-once again, punt. when cheerleader kicks so and so
o SAiLiNG MiSHAP!-when the boat driven by the man w/ a huge mouth broke cheerleader in half
o S.S. inevitable-the name of the ship driven by the man w/ the huge mouth
o IT's ALMOST OVER!-right before WHF has her 2nd encounter w/ thomas the alien
o LATE 360o SHOVE iT TO BONELESS'D!!-when thomas the alien is skateboarding
o CHOMP! when lion eats ugly one
o TWO'D!!-when the ugly one gets 3 2s for her cannonball into the mouth of the lion
o judges-on the table of jugdes
o SHOMP!-when the lion eats so and so
o DOUBLE DOUBLE WHiPLESS MOCHACCiNO HALF CAF!!-when the cheerleader jumped into the lions mouth
o SHOOP!-when the cheerleader got eaten by the lion
o 3 noses?-on judges table when they didn't use numbers to rate the jump into the lion
o wave o' babies!-a wave of babies went over WHF