Narrator Strong Bad: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader (growth spurt!)! So and So (school spirit!)! What's Her Face (pity friend)! The Ugly One (psoriasis!)!

Cheerleader: Hi gals! How ya LOOKING?

So and So and The Ugly One: SO GOOD!

Whats Her Face: OKAY!

Whats Her Face: I mean so good

Cheerleader: I just picked up this fashion magazine with MORE HOT TIPS!

So and So: wOOt

Whats Her Face: wOOt

The Ugly One: w00t

Cheerleader: Let's get started!

{Cloud eats seagulls}

No I in Team boy: You must be girls

Whats Her Face (thinking): I think I have a chance with this guy

Thomas: BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT! BAT!

No I in team boy: What happened to her?

So and So (voice only): She got hurt

So and So (word balloon only): Thomas hit her with a bat

No I in team boy: Let's date

So and So: I'm down

{The Ugly One gets swooped by an eagle}
Narrator Strong Bad: Swoop!

{Cheerleader gets grasped by a bat}
Narrator Strong Bad: Grasped!

So and So: I'm totally crushing!

Man with the Huge Mouth: CHILDREN!

So and So: Where were you guys?

Cheerleader and The Ugly One: We got jealous

So and So: Let's get yogurt!

The Ugly One: I got jimmies

Narrator Strong Bad: It's over!

The End