Message Bored

Heh. Nice pun. Um....Oh yeah. You should post your IM screen name up there. If you don't have one, get one! Goto It's free. (All this goes for other people, too).
P.S. My SN is mythdarknessX4

It is a nice pun, wazup, but SomePerson didn't come up with the idea. Strong Bad had one (Strong Bad's Message Bored) for a while. It's been "officially" taken off the site, but you can still get to the shockwave file to view the page. Great to have you here, SomePerson. I hope you'll stay and continue contributing.

- JoeyDay

Yeah, I know...that's the pun I was referring to.

- wazup90210

Whats the deal with the message bored any way?
I mean, I think it was there when I started going to the site, and people talked about it, but I could never figure out what they were talking about, or how to get there.

It's currently back on the site. Go to "email" on any main page. A postbox and three letters will appear. Click on the Strong Bad stamp. Click on the "O"

Oh, jeez. Don't complain about not enough new stuff. I have literally never seen that much free entertainment in one place on the internet.
-Smart Arse

Some Person, when you said you did all the stuff in the Museum, do you mean the stuff in the Fan Stuff was sent to the Brothers Chaps by YOU?? Cuz that would be so awesome.......or are you just talking about making pages for it on the Wiki?

Oh, you people are soooooo stupid. 1)AOL and AIM suck, dont support an evil company. 2)go to, it's cool. 3)in the message bored game "night-driver like game", if you beat SB's high score, he will have "just finished a game" with a score exactly 1 point higher than yours.

How is using AIM supporting an evil company? I'm not paying them anything. If anything, they're paying for ME to use THEIR free service. And AIM has a very nice format to it. -- Gemini

Actually, It's pretty easy to prove that he din't actually play the game. The green car gives you 100 pts, the police sar gives 500pts, and the drunk trucker gives 1000 pts, so your points have to be a multiple of 100.

Ummm I don't think you should put you're AIM screen name this website, wazup90210 it's kinda stupid. In some ways, it's like giving away you're email adress to random people, ya know?--bkmlb

Will SomePerson EVER update his page or answer any ones questions?---bkmlb

Who are you?- SBZ22