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Easter Eggs

Fun Facts


Here is the transcript for the Night Driving Easter Egg:
{Strong Bad is sitting at his TV playing Night Drivers and turns around}
Strong Bad: Oh, you beat my high score, eh? Well check this out, I just finished! {We see a closeup of the screen. Strong Bad's score is one point higher than yours}
Strong Bad: Oh, so close! I guess it's back to the drawing board for you! I mean, the Night Driving Board.... Get out of my basement!

High Score Bored
2000000 - Night Time Driving - Unknown Hzrd (awwww yeah..)
1270000 - Night Time Driving - Stinkoman X
1051600 - Night Time Driving - ImitationChocolate
1045900 - Night Time Driving - FireBird
101350 - Night Time Driving - CE5
15100 - Night Time Driving - Nelson339

5000 - Armless Invaders - (())
2050 - Armless Invaders (No Cheatin') - princess
850 -Poot Slap
550 :-P - Armless Invaders - AdibM

950 - The Cheat's Smoking Challenge - AdibM


Yes, I finally beat sb's score(not cheating)^O^
-smooth crimnal

Oh, I should specify: for Armless Invaders, you cannot press backspace before typing. It will register as having zero chances and end the game. --DG

Can you win at the armless invaders? How many points do you have to have?

Here's the transcript for if you beat 50,000: Warning: Spoiler Below

on the cheat game right click play for infinite lifes-(())