Just here, nothing else.

My favorite cartoon is A Jorb well Done, and my favorite Strong Bad Email is Caffiene, or maybe Dragon.

Homsar rocks!

I really hate it when someone is correcting someone elses grammar and spells grammar wrong. I also hate it when people use "You're shirt sucks" instead of "Your shirt sucks.", or "Its cool" instead of "It's cool"

It's= It is.
Its= That thing's thing.
Your= That your's thing.
You're= You are

I also hate it when people think I'm a boy.

I'm a 11 year old girl. Don't blame me if my art stinks.

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Clever name. -- JestersOfTheMoon

You know I was actually able to pronounce Triskaidekaphobia. Its a cool word. heh. - my flutie ruulz ur flutie droolz

The name above has to do with a conversation I am currently having with Arrohed Aria at the moment, in case if you wondering.

Do you want to be a solder in AgentNine's Homestarmy thing? If so, sign up in Squad 2. - Commando FireBird

Quoth Jimmy:"I'm a lone wolf lookin for trouble...GRRR!" Maybe... Refresh!

If-you-want-to-be-possesive, it's-just-I-T-S ; But-if-it's-a-contration, it's-I-T-Apostrophe-S! Comanche

i bet u think ur "clever dan" with that name.... although ur a girl... hmmmm.... ill shut up now ...ScrewAllYall

Its a pleasure to write something on you're UserSpace, and i hope your able to read this. --TzaMan