A eye-hurting experience.
A weird picture of Strong Sad.
And a Darth Homestar...
Stinkoman K!

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1331, j0.
-Alpha "PH3AR M3" Zodiac

Girl, you're eleven!? I've never seen someone your age draw that awesome! You've got some wicked sweet art skills! I love the darth homestar and stinkoman K (I'll admit I dont know what it means). The color job looks great, it's so nice to see people working in programs besides MSPaint. And you have to put the dargons on this page! They look awesome, I like the body shapes and once again the color looks great, it's an all around wicked sweet series. Are you serious about being eleven?! Some folk said I was a terrific artist when I was eleven, but I couldn't draw like that. Dont say anything about your art stinking, you're doing awesome! Q-Ball

By the way, to say "leet, yo" in 1337, you should put "1337, j0", not "1331, j0". -M'fox