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DVD Special Feature: When Disaster Strikes

The creation of this DVD was no simple matter, and the work that was put into it is astounding. Here is one of the many troubles that were encountered over the course of filmmaking, editing and preperation for the final version that you hold in your hands today. It describes the Communications Squadron's blocking of the amazing Homestar Runner website. A documentary on this event, and the aid that it recieved from the film's sympathetic coworkers, characters and crew, follows.



*Simultaneously cries and craps*

this really sucks guys...this just SUCKS!

Forever Depressed,

I can send you the entirety of the H*R site in a few weeks througha whole bunch of emails, or you can go to mirror sites. -War129

Mirror sites? what are these "Mirror Sites" you speak of, oh Jedi Master? AgentSeethroo

Can't you go on your computer at home?- Diva840

He's in the Air Force. -- Gemini

I spend all day on computers at work. I'm generally sick of em by the time I get home. AgentSeethroo

Hey man, I created a mirror just for you. it is very slow and only has the jail toon, but thats something, right? ;-) -JamesGecko
Oh, yeah, nearly forgot: -JamesGecko

Sweet! thanks lizard man!! AgentSeethroo

I'm gonna be your lackey.-Cheaty-chan

Sweet! Lackeys are awesome! - AgentSeethroo

Well, assuming that the Air Force isn't smart enough to ban IP addresses, you can use to get the website's e-mail address and access H*R! - William S.

Good idea there William. What I do, in computer studies (as the school has also blocked out H*R) is go on this Wiki and read the transcript to the newest SBemail if I haven't seen it yet and just visualise it, as I already know what they look and sound like. But that is only for the imaginitive people out there who liked the game "Thy Dungeonman."
- M.J

Yeah, I used to bypss other websites, it doesn't work for some websites, but I know it works for H*R because one of my friends watches H*R in Web Design because he's finished with all his projects.

Whoa, whoa. You're losing me, guys. How do you use My school's blocked Homestar and I'm feeling rather rebellious. -SpikeIke


I know your sick of computers by the time you get home. But maybe when your off or something you can make mirrors of toons and email them to yourself at work. Either that or you can buy a laptop and take it to work and watch them on the laptop. --AgentNine

[Here] is a very slow April Fool mirror. - CE1

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