Welcome to the domain of the Cheaty-chan.Muahaha.

Position:The lackey of....anyone who needs a lackey.
Age:Wouldn't you like to know?
Hobbies:Making Art,Watching TV, Dance,Volleyball,BMX, the X-Games
Music Stylez:Heavy Metal,Punk Rock,hard Rock,Corporate Punk,Comedy,Rap
Music PPL:AC/DC,Ramones,Dead Kennedys,KISS,Nirvana,Led Zeppelin,The Who,Usher,Ludacris,Eminem,Monty Python, Homestar(well duh)music,Monty Python

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Yo! I need a lackey! I'm AgentSeethroo, but you can call me J.
By the way, I fixed your page and made those thingies into subpages.
Subpages are the coolest! You ain't cool until you pee your subpages! I mean...nevermind...
Nice musical preferences. It's good to keep your broaden your horizons and listen to lots of different styles and artists.
~ Agent "I NEED A LACKEY" Seethroo