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Not to be overcritical, but this bugs me to no end because I'm actually IN the military.

First of all, it's spelled Sergeants, and a sergeant and a captain have NOTHING to do with each other. Sergeants are enlisted and Captains are Officers, which means rank-wise they're REALLY far away from each other.
I can help you if ya don't mind though.
Agent "Ten-HUT" Seethroo
By the way, can I be the commando?

Sure, you can be the commando (I like your name). And all that stuff is supposed to make no sense. --AgentNine

Can I be a soldier? Colenal Karkon

Sure. You will be commanded by Commando Bert aka Firebert. Your Sergeant is yet to be appointed. In other words... You don't have one yet.

Clever Dan, reporting for duty sir.--Clever Dan

Hey, Dan, it's actually "Clever Dan reports as ordered." Don't forget it. Commando Seethroo

But Seethroo, he wasn't ordered. Remember? --AgentNine

I have the five bucks and lunch to offer up sir! i will join. -Arrohed Aria

You sure will cuz I'm hungry!! --AgentNine

Seethroo, I need another name for squad 3.
Metastar and Firebird, you two look for people to join. then come back and give me some names.
Soldiers, well you guys can keep checking up on Stevebadia and make sure when the army page is made. Then tell me.

Loath though I am to join one of these reckless organizations, this one intrigues me. I've brought along the five lira. May I join? - Bootcamp Guru

Sure you can. --AgentNine

Firebird, I said give me some names as in put sime names you wanted to join RIGHT HERE!
not to add them to the army automatically thats a warning.--Captain

I didn't add them automatically to the page. Another Fan did that himself. I asked him if he wanted to join, and he put himself on the page. - Commando who was accused of something he didn't do

Sorry, May I join? Pretty-please? Another Fan

I don't want a warning. I don't deserve it. - Commando for Squad 2

AgentNine, you said I has what it takes to join the Homestarmy. What position do you think I should have? Shopiom

How about a truce with (TANK)?? We're willing to support you. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Yes! We will fight the Stevebadians IN THE WAR AGAINST STRONGBADIA!!!! 2 on 1! They don't stand a chance!! --AgentNine

Shopiom you're the hidden shotgun dude. --(AgentNine

Oh, sorry about that Fireberd. I thought you added him. I was going to put a warning but i didn't. Maybe I typed it and forgot to undo it. --Sorry about that, AgentNine

Oh, ya you can join Another Fan. --AgentNine

Anybody want to be a citiczen of (AgentNinebadia)?? --AgentNine

Thanks. And I'll be a citiczen of your town thing. I have a feeling it will be a big target for attacks from different armys. - FireBird

In the Hometsarmy, Kupo, Me, AgentNine, Agent Seethro, Firebird, and JestersOfTheMoon shall be fighters. Our enemies shall be Princess of StrongBadia, Stevebad, and Strongrad. Can anyone think of more enemies for the Homestarmy? 3 is not enough. -The Hidden Shotgun Dude Salute! ..>

Who said you give the orders? Your just a soldier!

And I think this page needs to be organized. Like:
 Do you has what it takes to join the Homestarmy?
((Camp A))
(all the other camps, if any)

((Boot Camp))
((Misions))-Post what different people have to do (example- "Soldiers, go check up on Srevebadia")
((Comments))- Comments
You know, something like that. It would be alot eaiser to tell what different ranks need to do. (Like Shopiom over there said that FireBird(me), Kupo, You, and alot of different people to go fight.)(I didn't, because she can't give orders. She's just a soldier) - Commando Squad 2

da princess joined stevebadia?! --AgentNine

Um, I hate to be overcrtical a bit less than your best agent does, so I think I'll be blunt. "Citizens" is the correct spelling of the word, unless you're utilizing a radically different tongue from the English that we commonly embrace. And it's spelled "missions". And... so on. - The Third Commando

I know. I just couldn't remember how to spell it. --AgentNine

When you said "she can't give orders," were you referring to me,cause I'm a boy. Also, I wasn't saying that POSB is part of Stevebadia, just saying that Strongbadia should be one of our enemies. Shotgun Shopiom

Oh. I just imagined you as a girl because of your name. SHOPiom. I thought it had something to do with the mall or something. - FireBird

Kupo here! I am delivering tank numero uno to your base para ammunition and such. Use as you like until tomorrow. -da General

We better attack soon. How exactly do we use this tank, Kupo? - Commando-Squad 2

I say we blindly and violently run over pedestrians....what? it's just an idea... ~ Sadistic Commando

Or we could stab everyone and then shoot them with the tank.
Or we could Tankdoken everything that crosses our field of vision.
Man, I'm feeling evil today. ~ Agent "Black Mage" Seethroo

All we've got is our text. - Fire "Commando" Bird

The well-known recruiter (Squad 2ís own Commando) seems to think I would make a good soldier and to post here if Iím interested. So now that Iíve posted here, Iíll leave it up to him to figure out weather or not I am, in fact, interested. What do I do now? --The Fish of McGee

Wait for AgentNine to give you "the O-K". - FireBird

You're in, Fishie...uh, colonel mcgee? Yeah, Fishielenol McGee! --AgentNine

Can I be a citizen and a soldier?I'm AgentSeethroo's lackey.-cheaty-chan

A comment:
First of all, poor Stevebad never agreed to any kind of "war" with anybody. This whole thing was made up in its entirety by Agent9. (See Stevebad/Stevbadia.) That's why there isn't even anyone in his "army". There is no need for fighting, even it is make-believe, on this Wiki. I seriously ask each and every one of you involved in this "war" to evaluate your position. -- Tom

Good point. I was thinking about retiring anyway. (Ha.)
Steveie might take it personally, too. You never know. I here by uh... quit. - Fire "I quit!" Bird

whats the point really Cleva Quita