A series that is stereotype of basically all Japanese cartoons. Created in StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon.

It's also a parody of the Mega-Man type video games. And it's pronounced "Twenty Ex-tee Six!"

It is a direct reference to the "Metroid" series, which began in the year 20X5 when space pirates from the planet Zebes stole the metroid from Federation scientists.
- It's used even moreso in Mega Man - originally called the year 200X, and later changed to 20XX. I've been calling it "twenty ecksty ecks" since long before H*R was around. -professorhazard

It stars a Japanese Cartoonified Strong Bad, Homestar and Pom-pom (Pan-pan).

The title "Stinko Man K" is a parody of the "Dragon Ball Z" series of cartoons for kids (Well, no. I mean, people get busted through the stomach! And you can see the blood! Dragon Ball Z is DEFINITLY not a kids show. (ninjaman) ), as is the extensively long time spent "powering up" for a fight ("A challeeeeeeeennnnnngeeee!")

PomPom's character "PanPan" may be a parody of Genma Saotome from the anime Ranma 1/2 who turns into a giant panda.

The new Stinko Man K cartoon is available on the the main page. Let's all eat pudding!

Dragon Ball Z ROCKS! Just to let you know, it StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon, in the last picture of the credits, it has Stinkoman as a Super Sayain! But since it is all backwards and he has hair in a mask, i like to call it: Super Niayas! It'll be one of them cards i'm selling on my website. the other card is Trogdor the Burninator. -dog

Yo, dog! "Super Niayas" is cool and all. But if it was called that, The company that makes DBZ would sue TBC. So I have an awesome name with no copyright infringements. I call it "Double Deuce Mode." You like?

You know, it only shows the blood in the Japanese series. They took the blood out before it was released anywhere else, and they also swear in the Japanese one....I think.- SBZ22

They swear in Shonen Jump. -CE5

am i the only one that thinks stinkoman k sounds like the guy who did the orginal english voice for kenada in Akira ? blood
I dunno, he kinda sounds like Cam Clarke (Die Fleidur Maus, Liquid Snake, Leonardo, NetZero? commercials). But it's probably just one of the Chaps. -professorhazard
Actually, I was watching my old dubbed VHS copy of Akira the other day and noticed that Kaneda really does sound a lot like Stinkoman K. -- InterruptorJones

I believe Stinko Man K is actually based off of the title character/series Mega Man X. Stinko Man's leg armor even somewhat resembles X's. -Gerk

A tad off topic, but Dragon Ball Z is a kids show in the US... it's been editted for Cartoon Network Uber P