HAI THERE. I just found this webpage this morning and am having fun checking it out. Uhh, I think I was looking up info on, yeah, I remember now, I was looking up the words to "These Peoples Try to Fade Me".

Okay, so, I'm a bit unclear on how all this wiki-code works, but I tried to add some info to the Sickly Sam article, as it was lacking. And then The Brothers E moved my changes into the comments area. LOL SORY IME NEW . . .

I also added some commentary to the 20X6 article. Funny story - I added a "Trivia" section to Strong Mad, since I had seen it in some other entries, and then it was deleted and then undeleted. And then put into a little small area. At any rate, I just wanted to let people know about the tattoo and the sharp teeth, and see if anyone knew why they were on him in the Yello Dello episode.

Adding info to stuffs is what I do! Check out my work on The Omnidex - http://www.hazardlabs.com/omnidex/omnidex.cgi - over at my webpage, Hazard Labs.

Welcome to the wiki! ~ AgentSeethroo
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