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Arrohed Aria

Clever Dan





Ok, this pretty much sucks right now.
This is better.
Don't kill me!






Ser-G-Gant Marshie

Shattered Alien

more comeing next week


I do 3D animation... well, when I get around to it.


That's a start.. I just may put up some more later. -socetew

Now, tell me THIS. What websites do YOU have?? We can go check each other's sites out!!!

I have i know its technically not a site, but its awsum! :D thank you to the people on here who have already joined! now there are 37 members. - Arrohed Aria (i just put up the freewebs one yesterday, it doesnt have much on it)

I have . It's going to be a crazy site about... stuff. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Hey Moon Jester, the link to the wiki on your site is wrong. It's, not
Just so ya know. ~ Also a member of the Aria's site

hey guys, i redid this pages format. you like? -- Clever "The Organizer" Dan

Yo Dan, this is way so much better. -join my site plz

Yo Kupo, I like your background music. kina creepy, but I like it. I tried to but the system is down on my freeweb, but it said i could only do midi files. -Arrohed Aria

Like the music, eh? It's from a game... That was on the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance... And I got it at Anydangway, it is a midi and you can get loopholes. By that I mean you can kinda play mp3s and.wavs. Look at how to (here)? (Note: these are just theories; I haven't had any time to actually try them out)

oh btw, try and keep it in alphabetical order, thanx -- Clever "The Organizer" Dan

Hey Kupo... we have almost the identical website. One of my pages is HRWIKI, and one of my pages is Flash and Such, About Me, same colors and same design. - FireBird

Weird. Somebody who is Kupo but is at school right now

Wow, great job reorganizing this page!! To think.. from its humble beginnings.. and now, it is truly a work of art! YA BOY, soce, the elemental wizard

yeah it does make me feel more at home now, great jaerb self. Braggert

That would be my personal site, I don't have a homestar one. But maybe one of these days I might. Just depends. - Shattered Alien