It took a couple tries but I think I like the formatting now. Feel free to make changes though! --Hobophobic

This is just what we needed. - FireBird

It's been decided that user comments should only exist on the forum. I've made changes to the standard format to reflect that decision. --JoeyDay

Just to clarify, all toons and such that have appeared since May 8th, 2004 should have links to forum threads. However, some of the toons that fall in this range might have gotten "User Comments" pages on the Wiki instead of forum threads if the person who made the page didn't know about the forum. Please don't go creating forum threads for all the old toons. -- Tom

what about on the email menu, listing the computers used for that email like:
tangerine dreams:

Well, we kind of already have something like that here. Also, check the Tandy 400 and Compy 386 pages. If a listing was going to be done, it would be best on those two pages. And certainly don't forget OnceAndOnlyOnce. -- Tom