Homestar Tribute

A Song about everyones favorite no-armed whitey.
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Teen Girl Squad Tribute

This is another tribute, but dedicated to Teen Girl Squad.
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Trogdor Covers

[Trogdor] Various covers and remixes of trogdor that I found searching on
All The Lyrics

Sam Roberts Mix

Mix of the Sibbie email into an awesome song. If anyone has a way to get this song on the site, Hobophobic would really appreciate it.
Lyrics coming soon


He's Homsar

A great original song all about our favorite misfit.

Strong Sad Rocks Out

Cover of The Skate Party's tune of the same name.

Fishie's Tunes

Well, It's been too long since I've done anything creative. I figured I'd put something up here.
Here's my instrumental version of [The Cheat Is Not Dead] created when I should have been doing homework. It was thrown together fairly quickly (took about an hour) and you can tell. Oh well. --Fishie McGee

Any ideas about other stuff I should cover?

How about you post the sheet music?

Like, just a lead sheet? Or a whole piano arrangement? (The second one could take me a while) -FM

What ever you want.

Fishie, this is an awesome arrangement! I can tell you were having fun. Keep these recordings coming. How 'bout an instrumental version of Ballad of the Sneak or the song in different town? --JoeyDay

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I moved this from the main area because it's fanstuff, and also because a music page would be nice, since there are about a billion H*R tribute songs out there. I also made an attempt to organize it -- hope you don't mind, Ganon. -- InterruptorJones

I CANNOT find the songs by Ultraklystron cuz there's so many on the page. HELP?

Just type control+F and search for either "Strong Sad" or "Homsar". --Lord Karkon


hey Ultraklysko-whatever is a pretty pretty goood -- Clever Dan

I remember old ultrastoopidname... he used to be on the homestar runner dot net, methinks.

I know of a Rockin' song 'bout Sibbie that was posted at before the site went down. I'll upload sometime off of my other computer. But it'll take a while to upload, 'cause the file's so big. -NickelBad

Ultracraniummachine whatever his name is, is good- Homestarball Z Homestarball Z