Find your score within these ranges.

If you had 4-7, you're STRONG BAD!! (And that means I love you!!)

If you had 8-11, you're THE CHEAT!!

If you had 12-15, you're STRONG MAD!!

If you had 16-19, you're THE KING OF TOWN!!

If you had 20-23, you're BUBS!!

If you had 24-27, you're POM POM!!

If you had 28-31, you're THE POOPSMITH!!

If you had 32-35, you're MARZIPAN!!

If you had 36-39, you're STRONG SAD!!

If you had 40-42, you're HOMSAR!!

If you had 43-45, you're HOMESTAR!!

If you had 46-48, you're COACH Z!!

P.S. This is NOT my favourite order, it's the very complex system I use to make tests. :D

Well, it's messed up, as I got Bubs and I said nothing relating to Bubs. -- JestersOfTheMoon

That's because it's different than most quizes. It gives you a character that is smack-dab in the middle of all your other character answers. It really evaluates your personality as a whole. Take me for instance. I picked three Strong Bad answers and one Marzipan answer. This made me The Cheat. If you really think about it, this makes sense because if I knew Strong Bad, I'd be his best little pal who's always helping him out and staying by his side no matter what.

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! I got Pom Pom! Again. Yay! ~ Pomx2

I seem to have gotten.....Strong Bad! YE-ES!- (StrongBadZone22)?

The Poopsmith....yay. This is the fourth H*R personality test i've taken and i got a different character for each one. --DG

That means you have a very diverse personality. A good quality---not being the same thing every day.
Mrs. Bad

Or it means that you have a mental disorder, MPD. Could be, eh DG and co.? --
Lord Karkon

That must be it - FireBird

This one was too easy to cheat at. Wait... does that make me the cheat? (I got him, actually) -Lord Karkon

"This is the lowest score ever!"Crap

What if i got a 3?

Then you're obviously Homsar.

But Homsar's if you got 40-42! SuperHomestarRunner

You can't get a three! There's four questions and atleast one point each! Silly :D

I got The Cheat. I didn't even know that that was the direction my score was leading to, so I couldn't cheat. I have gotten The Cheat on several other quizzes. -CE5

I got 36. Now I've been Homestar, Pom Pom and Strong Sad (the first two of which were in the same quiz). To be honest, though, most of the time I found that none of the answers were really right. --Upsilon

I got the Cheat, go me, high five! Strongrad

Strong Mad - FireBird

I got da cheat SuperHomestarRunner

I got Pom-Pom! Now the ladies are all up ons (not really)-DaChazman

I'm Strong Bad! I'm Strong Bad! I'm Strong Bad Strong Bad Strong Bad! - spongebob squarepants (sort of) --AgentNinE

(bubble bubble bubble) me Pom Pom -Da Bee

OMG I'M THE KOT! ~Ser-G-Gant Marshie

i got like poopsmith first then bubz right prolly just middlin -amazingsupermonkey

I got bubs! Let's see... He makes crazy inventions,
he likes money, he's got all types of crazy crap etc.
That's me in a nutshell! XD -BodyTag