Jeffthejiff's Very Interesting And Informative Wiki Page

First things first...
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Location: UK
and maybe a bit of
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Pizza Topping: Cheese

Hmm thats about it. I should really add some annoying animated gifs of Homestar Runner cartoons about this place...

Hey! Welcome to the wiki! ~ AgentSeethroo

Why thankyou! --jeffthejiff

Umm... Who's your favorite charcter? Mine's The Cheat. - 1936 Homsar

Hmm, i dunno. I'll probably just go with the masses and say Strong Bad. Although Stinko Man is cool --jeffthejiff

What's a jiff? --Hobophobic

err... *shrug*... it rhymes with Jeff? Dunno why, its just a random name i gave my [website] </plug> -- jeffthejiff

haha, jeff doesn't rhyme with jiff. I think that's actually alliteration. --Hobophobic

*reminder to self: use more often* --jeffthe...chef