Mundelow is the hometown of TeenGirlSquad's What's Her Face as well as Thorax Corporation.

What's Her Face lives at 412 S. Figgis Mundelow 80808.

Thorax Corporation is located at 403 Figgis St. NW in Mundelow (not the same block as What's Her Face, since it's NW and not S). The Thorax Corporation web site reveals that Mundelow is a town in PA (which may or may not stand for Pennsylvania). In the U.S., however, 80808 is actually the Zip code for Calhan, CO.

The FAQ "letter" on the Email Menu is from Gent Delabor (CEO of Thorax Corporation) and the return address is that of Thorax Corporation in Mundelow.

Can anybody make any sense of the name Figgis? The only thing I can find is [Mike Figgis], director of [Leaving Las Vegas] and [Cold Creek Manor]. Maybe TBC are fans? -- InterruptorJones

I don't know if it really needs to make sense. I mean, does "Mundelow" make sense?--TubularLuggage

Figgis was a commonly used name on the TV show Monty Python's Flying Circus

Dang, these guys think of everything.