An old web site of The Brothers Chaps (a quick Whois confirms this) of a fake (and very funny) company called "Thorax Corporation LLC". The URL to this site can be found in one of the Fortune Cookies which can be found in the games menu. They are the stereotypical overly aggressive domain-name owners who offer domain-name registration services while smashing you with a lot of popups and ads.

Thorax Corporation is located in Mundelow, PA.

Thorax Corporation references:

On the Gent Delabor, Sr. page, it says, "Every once in a while, I like to come down off my high horse and bring small silver baubles in a burlap sack to the peasant children in the thatched roof cottages." In the thatched roof cottages! Thatched roof cottages! Sound familiar? :) - Shenlon

None of the links are really broken, but some of them are the same. Me

in sbemail32(flag day) on the ticket to Pablo PHX's event, all the way on the right, vertically, it says "no refunds no delabors" -- Nati

Since the Delabor references seem to be popping up here and there, I think we need a Delabor page. I don't want them all on this page. Maybe a sub-page of this one? I dunno. Someone make an executive decision, I'm too sleepy. -- InterruptorJones

This is The Brother Chaps first alchol refrence. On the staph page it says, "click on an image to hear their drunken ramblings" - knexfreak111