Hey everybody! This is where you talk about me and stuff, I guess.

I have a great Super Mario World walkthrough that I got from this magizine that recently quit last year called GameNow. They used to be EGM2 and changed to Expert Gamer THEN changed to GameNow.
Homsar Runner

I really liked your pics.. and you are kind of cool havin some Super Mario Brother stuff.. Well anyways welcome to wiki! Homesar Wannabe My number is 224! Visit me some time!

Hello. Welcome to the wiki. Those pics are cool. The "Game and Watch" one, btw, was made by my brother, and it's a DS. He thinks it's cool that you like it. Dark Grapefruit

I hear you like Myst. Have you beaten Exile? -- FireBird

You got 30 pikmin points. You can use them in the upcoming mega-mart.

Cool. How can I get Pikman Points? Oh, and by the way, have you tried Real Myst?-Homsar Runner

Ya you put my Homestar Hunters pic. I am going to redo it so you can read the words but whatever.
--Gravy Train Captian

Dear, Homsar Runner, you are being drafted into an
clan of assassins called the Eed Assassins. Click here
for more info. Sincerly, CE1

What do you mean? How come I'm being drafted? Is that good or bad?-Homsar Runner