This page is...well, if you're here, you already know what it is.

What's a book? - CheeseGrater?

A book? Well, let's see here. It's something people (to find a picture of a person, look in the mirror) make to read for entertainment or education. Some people also burn them. They are combustible due to their being made of paper, which comes from trees, which are basically green fire logs. --HoD_Qheldar

"green fire logs"??? I thought wood was brown! Pls explain yourself. And by the way, aren't logs a mathematical term? - CheeseGrater?

Aye, the outside of wood be brown; the inside be green when it still be alive. Actually, logs be a nautical term. Oi keep a log. --HoD_Qheldar

Or you could just look it up. - me

It still does not explain why elvish people do not have a word for hello. - DarkLordNache

What about "Mae Govannen"? - "Douglas" P.S: Hod, most of us know what Star Trek is and what Klingons and captains are. You don't have to remind us again. It's not like we're space aliens here.

I believe the HoD was being somewhat facetious. You're right; most people do know what Star trek and Klingon are.

And Hod: What up B? it's your boy teh milkman. w00t

And BTW, do you actually speak fluent klingon? I didn't know. You certainly are learned on it.


Yeah, I was joking just a bit. I figured, if nothing else, the comment "English is another language, the one I am writing in," would tip people off. Howdy, teh milkman! I don't yet speak it fluently, but I am working on it. --HoD_Qheldar PS I included the short version for the people who wanted the info quick and fast without my little attempts at humor.

I imagine this all spawned from your having to explain it a hundred times, right? Didn't want to leave any room for more questions, eh? --TehMilkman

Finally! Another Trek Fan! BTW, wicked-awesome name, dude.
- Mysterious-Stranger

yes, that's what i was like at first!!!!! YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY YOU LIKE STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then he started to drift towards the dark side...................FARSCAPE!!! BAH, HUMBUG
-- guess who this is

I think HoD_Qheldar?
- Mysterious-Stranger

nah, almost though

waddleski, eh? That's an original name. So what if I like Farscape? I still have a Trek handle. And Spike is playing DS9. So what're you complaining about?
Mysterious-Stranger, Dr. Who and Star Trek, eh? The classics, then. Sadly, I've never seen any Dr. Who.

you think you could've made it seem any meaner?

you're not signed in, waddleski

You haven't seen the sheer awesomeness of Dr. Who? HOW COULD YOUR PARENTS DEPRIVE YOU OF THAT? Farscape is also pretty cool.
- Mysterious-Stranger

there, happy?

Ooookk, wow that was confusing. Wow. Ok now to make the long, treacherous journey back to normal-land. (Works long and hard to get back to normal-land, but finnally makes it (at least enough to make a Hot Pocket and eat it too).) Ok, that was fun.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I thought it was funny. Hahaha. See? Laughing = funny.


Augh! Sci-Fi fans! - DarkLordNache

You don't want to mess with a man that has his name shrouded in Mystery.

Wait...someone with the words "dark" and "lord" who is not a sci-fi fan? Something foul is afoot.

lol. good one, HoD --TehMilkman

I am a fantasy fan, there is a difference. - DarkLordNache

Oh well, *shrug* I'm both, so I don't think of a difference. I just say "sci-fi/fantasy," and lump them all together. Out of curiosity, if you have read any Piers Anthony, what genre would you place him in? --HoD_Qheldar

Okay that was kinda dumb, the short essay you did in 2 sentences. -SephirothBadReligion

Um....*cough* HUMOR!!! *cough*

I decided to check out your page because I thought Qheldar might be a reference to Kheldar in David Eddings, and lo and behold I was right. Have you read any Terry Brooks, particularly the Shannara books? They're my favorites, along with the original three Dragonlance books, the Chronicles. -- DungeonGirl

*sigh* I have not gotten around to reading Terry Brooks. And I have to read Robert Jordan first. And I'm gonna have to finish Orson Scott Card sometime. Looks like this summer has a lot of reading in store for me.
On another note (sorta), you are the first person I've known of at a non-Eddings site that has read Eddings. Interestingly enough, I have a hat that says Kheldar on the front, and Silk on the back (yeah, I know, I'm a freak--and, yeah, it was custom made), and I just happened to wear it today. --HoD_Qheldar

It's true. He is a freak. I can vouch for that. ;-) From Milk Man

I can vouch for that too, but at least he doesn't talk about his day in FULL detail for more than an hour --waddleski

I believe I'm going to pound your squinty little face next time I see you. Jerk. --YouKnowWho

I've been watching DS9. It's pretty cool.
- Mysterious-Stranger
P.S. I am leaving.