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Why did you delete all of the main pages? -CE5

If you notice I just made them subpages so it is easyer to get back. --GTC

Hey, I'm a Psycho too! Do you like Strong Bad?

Ya I like Strong Bad but not as much as Homsar and The Cheat. Thanks for asking.
-- GTC

Why did you take Dijjery-Doo off of a list of your creations?

Because I just made the link. I forgot that.
-- GTC

I'd say that it's incredibly rude to delete someone's profile subpages, even if you don't see a point in them.
-The Brothers E

And if the person who made the 'internet operator' series thought they deserved to stay would they still be here today? The subpages really don't serve much purpose except for sitting there unless they have some sort of purpose, which the ones in question did not. If the person was testing them out, WikiSandbox is the place for such things. -War129

I agree because they are just wasting space after a near diaster.

I guess. I'm sorry for jumping on you like that. It just seemed a little rude to me.
-The Brothers E

No problem.

Hi.- SBZ22


Why am I writing here? You're right here with me. I guess i'm just really bored. --(DG)?

You are wack sister.

Which one of you is older, Dark Grapefruit or Gravy Train Captian?- SBZ22

DG is by three and one half years.

um...I hate to tell you's spelled "Captain". If you don't believe me, spell check it. ~ AgentSeethroo

Yeah. But maybe he meant to do it that way. -- Tom

Oh...I guess it never occurred to me...that someone would misspell their username on purpose.....wait a second...seethroo...oh ok.
~ AgentSeethroo

Oh wow, I didn't even think of that in your case, Mr. See Through. Now what I said is even funnier. -- Tom

Ya this happened on the Homestar rules forum, I meant to do that but the one that got beleeted was an accident, I just did not have time to beleet my self because I had to go back to school.

I think what he means is, he misspelled it on the forum at, so now he deliberately misspells it in honor of that. I don't know what the part about school is though. --his sister

It means that I accedently made to so I was going to beleet the other but I had to go back to school because I did it at lunch.
-- GTC

Howdy. - AgentSeethroo

Why did you change your name? -CE5

Read the above stuff.
-- GTC