Hello all you peoples out there! I've used this wiki for an entire month, but never had a username.

In closing, I look good in red. Check it out. Buttdance, buttdance.

Oh, and one mo' thang. Feel free to fix my atrocious grammar and/or add to this page.

Hey, welcome. Here's a welcome gift. - The Conductor

Dude I'm kind of a video game freak my self only a nintendo game freak narrow that down to Mario game freak narrow that down to paper Mario game freak Paper Mario is my favorite video game.-LimoZeener

WOO HOO! A nintendo game freak! That's me all right! I only play NINTENDO GAMES!! I never want to play any thing else! Homesar Wannabe

Hey, I'm a Nintendo freak too, but you never want to play anything else? At all? You, my friend, are missing out. So, VGF (can I call you that?), what system(s) do you have? --DG
PS. Paper Mario RULES!

Lemme put it this way: Yes, you can call me VGF, and I own: An old Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Play Station 2, Xbox, Gamecube, and Game Boy Advance SP. Not to mention a high-speed computer. I love Paper Mario too, the main reason being it's based off of SMRPG for the SNES. (SMRPG is very rare. You'd be lucky to get a copy at Game XChange for $30.00.) To summarize it, Nintendo was my first love, but then the new systems came out and I decided to adapt.

I only have a Super Nintendo. I was gonna get Mario Paint at a Game XChange, but it said,"SNES Mouse Needed". What the heck is a SNES Mouse? Tell me what one is, please! And where I can buy one, too. - The Conductor

An SNES Mouse is a mock computer mouse with a plastic mousepad designed for Mario Paint. If there's a Microplay Video Games store in your area, you can probably find one there. If not, try eBay. I have one for my SNES, but it's very cranky and doesn't like to move.