Hi, I'm Flounder.I discovered H*R about weird dream and have followed them diligently ever since. Check out what is at this writing my favorite sbemail, army, or just check whatever out.
That is all...


Very creative.- SBZ22

Ya, thanks doodz Flounder

Wait a second... are you Flounder? Because... that last comment was by "Qermaq". Or is this some joke that I'm just not getting. Because that is entirely possible. -- Tom

Okay, now I'm even more confused. Is it possible that Flounder and "Qermaq" are somehow using the same computer or internet connection? Because... that comment just changed before I was able to add that past comment. And it was edited by the same DNS address, but with a different username. Hmm... -- Tom

As usual, Tom, there's a simple explanation. I didn't realize I had been signed up under Flounder when I re-discovered this Wiki. I siqned up again under another alias I use from time to time. Once I discovered my gaffe, I felt a bit embarrassed. So Flounder it is, and "Qermaq" is but a shadow which shall be forgotten.

If this somehow violates any user rules, Qermaq may be deleted without worry. -- Flounder

Okay, I see that "Qermaq" has been deleted. I removed "Qermaq" from the WikiUsers list and fixed all the links to that page. -- Tom

Hello! Don't delete me please... Okay, Flounder I'm just here to say hi... so... HI! now BYE! Then maybe later if you respond... HI!!! You are so rad... Homesar Wannabe