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6. Oops, My Mistake, Sorry

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Hey, this is Hagurumon. What were you saying about premonitions back on my Dreams page? I'd like to know more about what's going on with my dreams lately. I have a feeling something's happening to my mom soon, because 1.) There is blood in her ring, 2.) dead animals are lying around all over town, especially in my yard and 3.) Mom accidently ran over a squirrel a few days ago. I'm not sure about number 3, but something weird is happening. Maybe an animal is going to attack Mom? -Hagurumon

Well, what I was saying is that you have visions, or you call them premonitions. And, no, you are NOT psychic. You are actually prophetic. Would you like for me to continue and explain more?

Yeah. -Hagurumon

Okay. Your visions are glimpses of the future, given by God. The difference between prophets and psychics is the fact that what psychics see is already in the bloom. For instance, let's say that Russia was in a war (This is just for example, I'm not against Russia). And the general of Russia decided he was going to write a treaty to end the war. He discusses this with the leader, and they agree on it. But, demons were there listening, and then they go tell the psychic, who in turn, "predicts" the future. It just appears that they predict the future. Do you want me to continue?

Okay, I understand that. But one thing's for sure...my latest dreams seem to be really weird, and dreams keep on coming each night lately. I know there's some symbolism in them, but I can't dechiper them. I have a feeling that the mysterious boy is something important. I remember him playing with me and my best friend, acting really psycho, eating dinner with me and two Days Of Our Lives characters, actually killing one of them, and there's probably more of him coming. Who is that weird boy? -Hagurumon

I need to know more about him. Please describe him: All details that you can remember about him.

Well, from what I remember...he obviously isn't in the sun much. He also is acting strange every time I see him, like squirming a lot. In the first dream with him in, he was laughing and spinning in circles. He was jumping around a lot, too. I remember that he had I think, dark brown hair and never really smiled. Wierd. One's thing is for sure. In my dream, he actually stabbed someone with a knife. Um...that's probably the most least-violent way to put it. He reminded me of some kid on Disney Channel. I forget his name, though. But I doubt that was the same guy. That kid in my dreams was spotted first playing with me and my friend. He was spotted a few nights later again, eating dinner with me and two soap opera characters. I don't know if that boy is important to dechiper my dreams or not, but I've seem him at least twice. -Um...Me

Okay. Tell me if his countenance is dark or light. Like, is he a friend, or is he an enemy?

I think he's an enemy, although he acted like a friend at first. Here's my thoughts:
  1. Played with me and my one friend.
  2. Ate dinner with me and two soap characters
  1. Acted very strangely in both dreams
  2. Never conversed with anyone
  3. Killed someone
  4. Buried the evidence afterward
  5. Ripped out some page in a book

Yes. He is an enemy, therefore he is a humanist. Brown hair+dark countenance=humanist. Proverbs 16:25 says, "There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death." So, he seems like a friend, but in the end he is not.

Wow. Your memory is good, that's for sure. I wonder why he was in my dreams, though. And how does brown hair calculate? That kind of makes sense, though. -Hagurumon

Well, a humanist is someone who focuses on humans and their needs. There most of the time is no God, and if there is one, there's no place for him. So this kid is probably a symbol of someone you need to avoid in real life. Humanists don't think they need a God. And it's not the hair that's important, it's the colors that are important. But it would be kinda strange if there was just a spot of brown color. So the hair is just a vehicle for carrying the color.

How can he focus on humans' needs if he killed someone? I'd think he would be a jealous person. My theory is that he was jealous for some reason, but not jealous of me, I don't think. I didn't have much to do with the victim, except she was one of three others with me and the kid at the same time. The others were one of my friends and the victim's boyfriend. -Hagurumon

He could think that the world would be better off without this person, because he dislikes that person for some reason. For example, I think the world would be better off without abusers and murderers. But I won't go kill them.

Like I said, probably jealousy. He's a little kid, not really that young, but I'm guessing he wanted Shawn (the victim's boyfriend) to play with him. It's just the first thing that popped into my mind after the dream. But I still wonder why soap opera characters were in my dream. I don't know, but that mysterious kid is definately not from a soap. -Digiman

OOOHH!! Can you expliain something? Year before last, my grandpa died. For a bout the next month, whenever I dreamed, I was visited by him, and he gave me some odd wisdom. I really can't remeber what it was. Also, in the week before my mother died, I kept having dreams of her being forcefully taken away from me, kidnapped, or killed. Please explain! -Brr...

Okay. The wisdom thing is most likely a vision, just him trying to help you grow. And your mom things are mpst likely visions as well. Seeing as visions are literal (DeLorean in a vision is a DeLorean--DeLorean in a dream represents style and power because dreams are symbolic) that would mean that the things you saw about your mom were real. But, I don't know everything, so I could be wrong. But that's what I think.

Okay, okay I just read that humanist thing and it says people with dark brown hair is part of being a humanist. I have dark brown hair and I'm not a humanist. I say prayers almost everytime before I go to bed. And I wish I don't get killed by some psycho. I'm not a humanist. Do you think I'm one? Well, saying this and acting friendly "makes me look like I'm being nice to you but really evil." Or something like that. Am I humanist? Please tell me. - CE1

P.S. My friend moved to San Diego this summer, so I'd want someone to play with me.
P.S.S. I was the loner at school.

Just because you have dark brown hair doesn't mean you're a humanist. I have dark brown hair, but I'm not a humanist. Only some people are humanists. I didn't mean to offend you. As for the "acts like a friend" thing, I have tons of friends, but I don't "act like a friend but really not be." It depends on the context. No, I don't think you're a humanist.

Wait! I misunderstood your question, and you misunderstood the interpretation of brown hair. If you have brown hair in a dream, it is symbolic of a humanist. Example: You are CE1, and you have a friend, Tigerdude. If Tigerdude in the dream has brown hair with a dark countenance, he represents a humanist, but he is NOT a humanist in real life. I misunderstood you. My bad. On the flipside, brown hair and a light countenance means compassion.

Hey, DeLoreanz, I think I solved that dream where that one girl got killed. That, girl from the soap opera is now played by a different person. That must be it, because Kirsten Storms no longer plays the character. I figured that out and updated my dreams page. -Hagurumon

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I'm with ya, DeLoreans ROCK!!! Too bad only like ten were made. -Kupo

DeLoreans are cool. I am still waitin to get to 88. - FireBird

What is a DeLorean? -Hagurumon

Uh, [it's this.] Tha D-Man

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Strong Bad Email

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Stuff About HR

So... I'd say... 2 and you'd say Homsar? - FireBird

Yes, that is correct. I had like 10 people say 1, 50 or 100. The basic numbers. I also had people think I was talking in code, and try to figure it out! LOL

Hey, on that Dancin' Bubs thing, shouldn't it be 2 7 7 2, since he's bouncing? -CE5

No. He's not bouncing. His arms are moving and his head is bobbing, but he's not bouncing.

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Your friends page is a success. A great one, I might add. I don't see what the problem is. -Kupo

Same. What was the problem before? -- FireBird

Hobophobic helped me. For some reason, you can't have a '*' in the link. I originally had "Friends on the H*R Wiki." So there it is. You both are on my list, did you notice?

Yup. -- FireBird

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Oops, My Mistake, Sorry

DeLoreanz1, you need to sign your posts correctly. They need to look like this: ((DeLoreanz1)) in the edit box so that they show up as DeLoreanz1 on a page. -- Tom
Thank you, I did not know that. DeLoreanz1

To add on to this, it is generally appropriate to sign comments and such things, but not to sign when adding Fun Facts like Easter Eggs and things like that. Just look around to see what other people do.
-The Brothers E

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Cool Links

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If you wanna make sub-sections, just check out the WikiFanStuff page, Agent Seethroo's comments page, and AgentNine's character page in edit mode to see how. You'll catch on! Hope that helps. -Shopiom

Ok, I'll try.

You did it! So, did I help? -Shopiom, who was hopefully a help

Heck, ya, dogg. TYVM. DeLoreanz1

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