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Has any one sent sb a email and got it answered?

Not me, but I'm counting on it! -princess

I've sent tons, and it was probably a coincidence, but on the 100th email (before he answered it) I asked him if he was going to do something to celebrate, and on the Email he says "I guess I should probably do something to celebrate..." So, that's as close as I have got. - M.J

Not me, but I got close. I sent him an email asking about whether or not he was an author, and what kind of books he wrote, and when I saw "kids book" it REALLY irked me. --Lord Karkon

Nope. I wish. -Arrohed Aria

I think that this was a coincidence but i sent one that asked when he was going to do the 100th email and
he then came out with the Not The 100th email-Cheatking12

Alot of coincidences... But I've never actually read about anyone who has actually had theirs answered! I mean,
If SB answered MY email, I would post it up all over the internet. Does anyone here know anyone who has had theirs answered? If you do, tell them I'm VERY jealous of them - M.J

I found this chat forum once when I searched for "Strong Bad" on google. There were people there saying that they were the people who got their emails answered. I saw posts by Roy from studying (he actually said Roy was a fake name), Shack Whittier from helium, and a couple others I don't remember. -da princess

Sounds cool. Do you have a link? - PS

I haven't had mine answered, but I don't expect to. Until Strongbad sings came out, I sent him about 200 emails asking him to release a homestarrunner soundtrack. Then, when I got the soundtrack, I sent him an angry email asking why "Song of Sibbie" wasn't on it! ;-) Nowdays, I most either send him emails saying "THIS IS SPAM!" (It relieves stress) or emails talking about how awesome Strongsad is. I highly doubt he's reply to either type.

My sister, PirateChki, sent an email asking how he and the Homestar gang met. (For the 100th email, if you didn't know, is a flashback of how he and Homestar met). She got mad because it was almost the exact same question. - FireBird

I have two coincidence emails. One time I asked him how he had met The Cheat, and one time I asked him what he would put in a video game if he were to make one. Guess what emails came out right after I sent them. --Dark "no really, guess" Grapefruit

AAARRRGH!! I emailed him about Dangeresque 3 and if it was coming out, and what email came out next? Dangeresque 3!! I was thiking, I wonder if it's mine? but no, it wasn't but I asked that almost exact same question!! Very dissapointed. - M.J