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=== Easter Eggs ===
*Click on the dollar sign in the 'g' at the end to see a short scene with the Visor Robot.
**Does anyone have any idea what he says? Please transcribe it. --Hobophobic
::*Some Ideas:
***"Primary (???) override seven dash fourty-deuce. Directive six R. Malfunction malfunction Cardgage north modes north modes (???) (gibberish) (explosion) My name is Mogdanwoooo (???)." That's the best I can do.--tgies
*** I do believe the last thing he says is "My name is not Valerie."
***I think he says "My name is Nakamuro", some kinda Japanese name.
***I thought it said (instead of north modes north modes) lightbulbs lightbulbs - M.J
***Ok, so after another listening and also recording it, slowing the speed down etc I have come to the conclusion, that he actually does say north modes four times. I think when it's speeding up heaps he says something about valerie aswell, but I'm not sure. - M.J
***I slowed it down too, and it sounds like "Magnums" or something.. Then it says "induce.." before turning into indecipherable gibberish, which when slowed down loads, sounds like someone saying "It's decided..." repeated 3 times. --jeffthejiff
***"Primary deoverride seven dash forty deuce. Directive six R? Malfunction malfunction Cardgage north bridge north bridge north bridge north bridge help care guard it help care guard it help care guard it" [explosion] "My name is not Valerie."
***The one above me seems to be correct till malfunction. The robot goes on to say mortgage (the robot says it weird) a bunch of times, NOT north bridge. Then the robot says something three times, and explodes, then the Valerie part. If some people out there are THAT anxious to find out what the words are, the voice of the robot is made with a modified version of the voice of "Computer Sam". One could just plug in the "possible" words. To make the word mortgage how it was used in the short, make "mortgage" "mort gage". TBC took parts of the robots easter egg and sped or slowed it down accordingly with, most likely, a tape recorder. The "jibberish part" could in fact be anything rewinded or fast-forwarded, and they played it three times. -- Mike

dudes. The robot says 'mort-gage" over and over. come on. THats that the name of the company in skit is. and at the end -after the head explodes' he says my names not valirie, in responce to mr motgage calling him valirie. case closed. -- DrDude Private Eye
=== Fun Facts ===
*This whole short is making fun of mortgage ads, specifically that one (I can't remember the name) with the phone number "770-915-1234-OPEN-THE-DOOR". The phone number was in the jingle like this short!

*The character that appears in this short is Senor Cardgage. Remember, Senor Cardgage is not the same character as Creepy Comb-Over Strong Bad.
**This is acknowledged by its description in the Toons menu: "Wait, is Senor Cardgage real!?!"
**Actually, Strong Bad is talking to Senor Cardgage in kind of cool. Click on "hanging out" at the end to watch the conversation. --StrongstarRunbad

*The cubicle in the background is from StrongBadEmail/dullard.

*Senor Cardgage's comb-over switches sides when he talks to the Visor Robot and again at the very end as he is walking forward while the phone number jingle is being sung.

*The classified ads in the beginning are apparently actual real estate listings for the East Coast. While it's largely illegibile, one can make out headings for Westchester County, New York State, Manhattan, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Georgia, and Florida. You can see the unmodified image [here].

*The phone number 555-55-55855-55-5-SENOR-MORT-GAGE-TODAY would translate as 555-55-55855-55-5-73667-6678-4243-86329.

*"TODAY" is part of the phone number, but meant to be part of the jingle.

*The jingle has the same chord progression as the Beatles' "Twist and Shout".