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well I am sorry, but I am going to pull an arrohed. I too am leaving. When I came here I figered, "Hey, this'll be fun." And for a while it was. I hung around and established myself here. I even tried to edit things from time to time. It was nice be able to just kinda talk with people I knew I would never see, but recently the wiki has become something different. It seems like there are two or three people who just snatch up the chance to do all the work when something new pops up, then just leaves everyone else to be a wikignome. When I first came here it felt like a community, now it feels like a small town has become a big city before any of the old residents has any idea what happened. I may come back and post stuff occasionally, but I will no longer be an active wiki user. I'm sorry to anyone who might miss me. - Heir_of_Lindeen

That's exactly how I feel, though I am not yet leaving. Adios. - FireBird

Yeah, same here. When I first joined, the wiki was a really small nice place were evrybody joked around and just had fun. Now it's getting bigger and there are so many trolls, guys who try to put every one in a bad mood, and guys that just don't have any sense of humor. And with the wiki forum, it seems like the wiki is smaller then ever. Jack Selby

I feel like I joined this wiki at the wrong time... --Hobophobic

Yeah, you missed some good times. Go to some of the older userpages and click page history or whatever to check it out. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Just so you know, I am not taking you off my smiting list. - DarkLordNache

We gotta find more material for the wiki someplace! it's getting less and less fun. Hey, wikipedia's homestar runner section could probaly use some work... ;-) -JamesGecko
*That's how I found this site! --Hobophobic

Heir, I am definately leaving this time. This wiki justlost two totally-wicked-awesome users, huh?