Dear fortysevenbteg,

I sincerely apologize, on behalf of the entire Wiki, for the rude behavior you encountered this morning. The work you did on the Videlectrix pages was amazing work. It was organized neatly and professionally done. I understand the "subpage" moving is hard to understand at first, and may have looked like your hard work was going down the drain. I completed the move, I hope that you will be able to forgive us and continue as a contributing member to this Wiki.


COME BACK FORTYSEVENBTEG! Please come back! We don't care if you made a fool out of yourself earlier. We would love to have you as a member of this wiki. Please? -


They got 'im! They stabbed him in the heart with a steak! *sob sob sniffle sniffle* --(long name)?

Yeah, we'd love to have you back! It's always great to have another member of the wiki! Please! Oh fortysevenbteg, I pine for you!--TubularLuggage