Yeah this is my page I've been a Homestar fan since September. Yeah, I gotta turn of my...microwave...yeah.

Microwaves turn off by themselves. Lame excuse man. -Arro

Yeah but he may want his food hot.-LimoZeener

He may not want his food so hot and he is going to stop it before..Hmm I dont know. O well this is stupid.-PirateChki

Homestar Fan? Why pick cheatachu if you're a Homestar fan? I mean, shouldn't you pick a Homestar-related name or something? If you're cheatachu, don't you like The Cheat? --MelonadeLuvr

He means the entire website. :rolleyes: Man, I wish we had smilies. So what's in the microwave? --DG

I have no idea who you are, but coincedently I drew a pick which I titled Cheatachu, and it's really big so you can enjoy it more!