I am lord elsington hallstingdingdingdingworth. And (noticed by Tom ) I have the same ip adress as bkmlb. So, I am him. He is me. Someone noticed, that we are me.


I am (Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth)?! Umm I think I'll go by ( LEH)? or maybe (dingdingdingworth)? or (hallstingdingdingdingworth)? or maybe even (dingdingworth)? but probly (long name)? /vote!!

Origin Of My Name

It came from an easter egg in the 50th email where Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth emails Old Timey Strong Bad about his boxing gloves. At the end if you click on the swiss cake roll to see it. [click here]

Welcome! I see that you've learned some Wiki stuff already.--bkmlb


But apparently not how to spell "origin"! Sorry. - "Douglas"

I fixed it! ~ AgentSeethroo

Wow, that name must be annoying to type out. Bienvenue! (That's French for welcome, by the way) --Dark Grapefruit

It is. It really REALLY is. I might change it to something shorter. I don't know. Thanks for the sympathy.--(hallstingdingdingdingworth)?

Hey (Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth)?! well come to the wiki! -Crap

You've got a long name and an unstupid....name. Ooohhhh--bkmlb

 Dear Lord Hallstingdingdingdingworth:
 You have the wierdest WikiUser name on the earth.
        Your Something,
             Lord Elsington FireBird
(and, if you have to type out
((Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth|hallstingdingdingdingworth)),
just to make your name hallstingdingdingdingworth, wouldn't that be even typing?
Lord Elsington FireBird

Well Lord Elsington FireBird, it turns out I do have the wierdest WikiUser name on earth!  Ummm.....bye!

You're wright. I mean right. The name I'll use the most will probly be (long name)?, but the long ones I'll only use on my user page.--(hallstingdingdingdingworth)?

That's what I'm saying! Look:
((Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth))
((Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth|long name))

See, my point is, if you have to type out all that for the "User Name" "long name", you'd just have to type more! - FireBird

But usually what I do is copy and paste my user name from "preferences" and then paste it on a page.--
((Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingdingworth|long name))

I got that picture up there for you!--bkmlb (click on the link)

Thank you! And Thanks to whoever made that picture an un-link--(long name)?

Yo, while you still have very little references (to your name) I think you should change your name to LEH or LordHE
or LordElsHall or sumtin. --AgentNine

       Dear Elsington Hallstingdingdingworth,

I got nothin'. I just like to use the code /code things to make Old Timey letters.


Thanks Tom. --AGentNIne

two dings in hallstingdingdingworth, i think sid_hoffman

Okay I messed up-(who cares anymore)?

I haven't been doing anything because it's too hard to write out my name. Now you can vote on my name! /vote