Vote and which ever name wins will become mine. (add your username, just like wiki polls)

long name--

LEH-- Hobophobic Shopiom

Lord E Dingworth--

Lord Els Hall--

Lord He--

Lord E Worth--

Those are the choices, so get voting!


I will make a song too:
Oh, Lord Elsington Hallstingdindingdingworth
Typing all that could hurt his girth
He should change his name to LEH
Or else he would just go bleh
Typing that long name must really suck
That is why that name he will chuck
Typing a long naaaaaaaame
Isn't a gaaaaaaaaame
And it's also laaaaaaaaaaaaame
Which is why he should change it


How 'bout we use our names we've been given! The names society will recongnize them by! -- FireBird (Jesting, by the way)