Homestar and Pals

Strong Bad!
The Cheat!
Coach Z!
Strong Sad!
The Poopsmith!
The King Of Town!
Strong Mad!
Pom Pom!

Da Bee, these all have to be subpages. Please try to do this. -- Tom

Umm... I just fixed them all. Again. Check the Document History to see how I did it this time. -- Tom

Can I help with this? - The Conductor

I would like to let you but you don't have the same style of writing as me - Da Bee

Sorry. Can I suuply pictures, though? - The Conductor

I suppose so... - Da Bee

Um, when has Homsar EVER made up social graces? He probably would, but he never has. Where'd you get that from? And Tom, you didn't have to put ((WikiFanStuff/Homestar and Pals/Whoever!|Whoever!)) All you had to do was type ((/Someone!|Someone!)) It would have been a lot less work. -Shopiom

Uh... Shopiom? I didn't do that. That's the way Da Bee likes his subpage links. He changed them to the current version. I think he does it so that they show up when correctly when you look at the document history, but I could be wrong. You'll also notice that this page hasn't been edited in almost a month... -- Tom

Ummm, just for the record, Da Bee is a he not a she. I should have put that on my Userspace but I forgot that Brooke can be a female name too. Just remember that, OK?
A slightly angry/embarrassed Bee