Hey you can put your fan art here. One little thing, put your art under your user name so all your art will be in one place. Thanks.

Mechafox's HAND-DRAWN art coming soon!
I scanned it, but I'm gonna retouch it and get it hosted. May be a couple of days. Sorry it took so long, but immediatly after I originally posted "Coming Soon" my computer crashed. We only just fixed it yesterday.
UPDATE: The first eight pieces of my work have been sent to a hoster. Now the waiting begins.
UPDATE: Still waiting...waiting...
UPDATE: Still waiting after several weeks! Neither SWilde, the FTP thing, or homestarrunnericaons.com has emailed me back!

How can I get stuff hand-drawn on to here? -CE5
Scan, then get it hosted.

Photos of [H*R.com] releated stuff can be uploaded at [Homestar Runner Icons]

Hosted? - Da Bee

I recommend that you simply attach it directly to your screen with a glue stick.

E-mail em to me [here] and I will host them for ya. Just post here once you send the mail. It'll take MUCH less time, trust me. -Kupo

[Photobucket]. Decent free image hosting with offsite linking allowed. It's tailored specifically for this kind of thing. --FortyFour

My Hand-drawn art coming soon! As in, as soon as I can get an email adress, and as soon as I scan them, and as soon, and as soon as I email them to Kupo. Kupo, you don't charge or anything, do you? -Ingiald