Japanese Cartoon The Cheat!
I drew, then scanned, then digitally colored this all by myself. I call him cheatachu! Ya' know, cause it's the cheat mixed with Pikachu...

Japanese Cartoon King of Town!
Same process as above, I mixed the KOT with that old guy from tekken (Heihachi). In the comments section you can see a picture of Heihachi.

Japanese Cartoon Strong Mad!
Tee-hee, I practically wet my pants just making this one! Tell me how you like it, I love feedback!


This is an inside joke, it's too much to explain... but I hope you find it funny anyway. Search on google for pictures of all the Final Fantasy Box-art. If you haven't noticed, most of their logos have a swirly colored watercolor picture and that's the actual Final Fantasy Font.

It's Strong Rad!
Is he really Strong Bad's long lost brother? Is he really as obsessed with the late 80's/early 90's as he looks? Find out later, when I create an animated flash cartoon, and learn how to use flash. (It'll be a while.)

My name is Quentin Sears (Q-Ball), I have been a loyal homestarrunner fan since sb e-mail "12:00". You might have seen my stuff before on burning horizon's HR fan-forum, I was poop_smith back then. Tell me if you know me, in my comments section. Oh, and all comments and questions are welcome, I love feedback!
I have a homepage! [My Website!]

Does anyone know how to make an image smaller, without having to re-upload a smaller version? Q-Ball
This is genius. The Strong Mad one kinda gave me the jibblies...The jibbly jibblies... -Kupo
"Clap,clap,clap"(Awsome!!) Another Fan

You can't resize unless you upload again and is the last one Fanta Shocka or what ever it is called?

In HTML, you can resize in IE, but the same code won't work in NN or Opera. I don't know that there is wiki code to do it, sorry. --Buz

Not bad at all. Have you ever done manga? I'm actually in a manga production company type thingie. Agent J

Heikken, or something like that. My bud Dakota has some video gome called PacMan fever, and it has a bunch of Namco charecters and tells you what games that they're from. -MG_Racoon

I dont know what fanta shocka is but this is just regular fanta. Maybe it's orange maybe it's grape, that's up to you to decide. And yes I do draw lot's of manga, or is it anime, or japanese cartoon? Anywho, I had a blast making all of these images, I got to combine three loves of my life, drawing, H*R, and comedy. Q-Ball

Oh and here's a pic of the old guy from tekken, his name is Heihachi.
heihachi.jpg Q-Ball

This is a [fanta shokata].
-- Gravy Train Captian

For those of you that dont know what Fanta is, it's simply Coca-Cola's citrus line of soda. It's not a well known division of coca-cola, because not a lot of people drink orange, grape, or other citrus flavored sodas. Q-Ball

There's a difference between manga and anime. Anime is animated. Hence the name. Manga is comic-book style, only read right to left. ~ Agent "Otaku" Seethroo

Yes but practically everyone (or at least people I know) still call it anime even if it's drawn on paper. Trust me, I've been drawin' anime for the last four years. I put the little question thing about 'is it anime, manga, or japanese cartoon' just to be funny. Q-Ball

My bad. Forgive me for assuming you were just another kid who claims to be a manga/anime expert, but in reality has only seen 2 episodes of Dragonball Z or Pokemon.

Sure thing ya little pipsqueak, I cou... Woah! You're military! I gotta check people's profiles more often! Wow, that must mean you're an adult... I feel young for being sixteen. Well it's nice to know that there are homestar fans on this site that are above the age of twelve. It's just that, recently I had an episode with really young people. I was on a H*R fan forum for a couple monthes and really got involved. Then I noticed that a lot of people acted funny, they were really polite, they had a different sense of humor, and other stuff. Then I checked their personal pages and found that the majority were under the age of twelve! And worst I found out that I had just made a video game title screen for a nine year old! I felt so betrayed. Yeah there were a lot of people my age and a few college students, but it was still awkward.
Don't take offense at this if any of you are young, I still like and respect you. It was just kinda weird cause I'm used to talking with my high school buddies about homestar, I never thought I'd be talking to elementary people too (I didn't think I'd ever mistake you guys for teenagers either, that's cool). It all goes to show how multi-level and multi-faceted the H*R website is. Those Chapman brothers are a couple of genuises, either that or they're really really lucky. Im gonna go with the latter. Well, there's a novel for ya'! (P.S My sister is in the Air Force, too! What a coincedence! I should've read more of your page before I wrote all the above, and I also should've remembered my sister!) Q-Ball

You should call the cheat one Cheatachu. --Agent9

Never mind I just saw that you did. --Agent9

It looks like the king of town is mixed with Vegeta. --Agent9

I can kinda see what mean by the crown looking like vegeta's blonde hair (I had to check the internet for a photo), but on this page there will no comparing my artwork to Dragon Ball Z! Ya' hear me? Do ya' hear me?! *Rampages through living room* Q- "ticked off bald guy" Ball

Hey, DBZ may be massively overplayed on cartoon network, and it may have a fanbase of a zillion 9 year olds, but it's still a kickin' show. In any event, I dig your art. Keep it up. ~ Agent "Uniformed Bald Guy" Seethroo

These are all great exept for the fact that none of them are remotely 20X6 stlye. Also, I had a completely different image for The Cheat that I have made up by simply using the rules Strong Bad made in Japanese Cartoon. I hope to see more 20X6 characters! -Japanese cartoons are WEIRD, man, but still cool

I saw some fanart for the other characters done in 20x6 style, and even though they were well done and authentic, they weren't that funny (to me at least). I'm not going by the brothers chaps' humor (which rocks) but I'm making my own jokes, ya' know. And I didn't just "animetize" the cheat, it's pikachu, that's the whole joke and reason. I don't mean to sound angry in the above statements (so read it with a happy voice).
And in case some of you were wondering why I call myself a bald guy, it's cause I am. I'm a totally, shiny bald sixteen year old, and I love it. I'm bald cause I have alopecia (it's not serious, all it is is baldness), but don't feel sorry for me, cause even if I had hair I'd shave it off. You can go to my website to see an old photo of me, http://www.geocities.com/sqigman/index.html . Now think about my nickname... Q-Ball

Hey! I'm bald too! I shave mine off though. The wife likes it, ya see...and umm...what wifey wants wifey gets. You'll all learn about that someday. But keep up the artwork, dude, it's great.
I might want your help with the manga someday, so keep up the good work!

Sup glabrous brotha'? (I found that word in a thesaurus, it might also mean something wierd) That'd be wicked sweet to draw manga, except I'm not very good at drawing backwards. sarcastic
I have a g*ift for the masses, a Cheatachu Avatar! qball87-cheatachuava.jpg
It may be too big for some IM stuff but it worked great on a message board, nobody really used it though when I first made it. Please, somebody give this cute, cuddly, lil' fella' a home! Q-Ball

It'll work just fine on msn messenger. But I digress. Butt's twelve by pies?

I plan on making 20X6 characters in my fanart, too, as soon as I figure out how to get hand-drawn things onto here. On another note, are you going to do any more art? -CE5

Oh if only you knew... I have a marvalous creation already in progress, it's a totally new character, never before seen. I already have him drawn out, but now I'm revising him, kinda' like a rough draft turning into final draft turning into an A+ and a star next to my name. I'd like to learn flash so I could introduce the guy with animation, but that would take a long time. So in a lil' while you'll see something new here, remind if it gets too long of a wait. Q-Ball

Uh oh. Looks like you might have some spyware, Q-Ball. You should download and run [Ad-Aware] or [Spybot Search & Destroy]. It's likely that you have some ugly s*pyware/malware on your computer that's manipulating pages that you visit. Just check the history here to see what I mean. -- Tom

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have showed me the light and it is Ad-Aware. I had spybot on my computer already but it didn't do much, there were so many different spyware and adware on my computer that the internet would often shut down and tons of wierd things were always popping up. But I just got Ad-Aware, I used it after spybot had gotten all it could and Ad-Aware found over 200 spyware objects!(files and folders and whatnot) Thank you again, if your name was Tomrietta I would so go out with you right now. Q-Ball

Hey guys, Strong Rad is the first "new" picture I've added, I started this page monthes ago with all the other pics. Anywho, I have a story to go along with Strong Rad, it's just a fun little thing, and hopefully I'll be able to do it soon.
Tell me what you think, ask questions, blurt random phrases, or anything to bring the flow of comments back to this page. Q-Ball